Door sensors that is weatherproof?

I have a side door with access to my back yard and back door. Recently I have noticed the door unlatched. I have a couple visonic door sensors that work great with ST hub, I am not sure if they visonic or other door sensors is waterproof and weather proof. I’m getting a lock for the side door but I was wondering if there was any sensors that could be placed outside in the elements without getting ruined.

Sensative strips are rated for outdoor use. Different form factor than most contact sensors, and the battery is not replaceable but supposed to last 10 years. So they’re more expensive than most contact sensors. But they’re a good option for some use cases.

If you check out the multi-packs at, you can get them for >50 bucks each especially if they have a sale going on.


I didn’t want to get something special for this, so I use this and they’re perfect.

Hi ive got xiaomi sensors from Gearbest ive got them on gates outside and its absolutely hammered it down with no problem, battery life good too, but to make them work you need the device handlers, search the forum.

Sorry to interrupt and I’m not trying to hijack the thread but you’ve said your using the Xiaomi contact sensors.
How long have you been using them for?
How far from the hub?
Any issues?

I put mine in a mini-zip lock bag and inside a box I 3d printed.

You can have a try.

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