Device unavailable

Hi all,

I have a Sensitive Strip gate sensor which is constantly reporting as unavailable in my iOS app. It seems to change by itself from working to unavailable several times a day, but mostly sticking in the unavailable state (this is without the gate being opened/closed at all).

I’ve rebooted my hub and removed/repaired the strip several times. I’ve even returned the item to where I bought it (The Smartest House) and they say the item works fine. I’m at my wit’s end, here, and am ready to chuck the strip in the trash, but it appears to be the only outdoor gate sensor on the market.

Oh, and yes, I have device health disabled, and all my other devices work fine.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

How far away is the gate?
Is it just to far away to remain connected consistently.

The gate is about 30-40’ from the hub.

I wonder if I added a z-wave outlet device to a lamp inside the house but about half-way between the Hub and the gate it would help? They generally act as repeaters, right? I think the strip is z-wave, not zigbee, hmm…

does it actually miss open/close events while “unaavailable”. I have a couple z-wave devices that show unavaiable but still work fine. It seems SmartThings still has some work to do with health check and sleepy z-wave devices.

Yes the strip is z-wave.
Might be worth a try.
I have 2 strips and the furthest one is on an outside garage door and this is about 15-20 ft away.
Had it around 18 months with no issues.

I have similar issues w/ Gen 5 devices. Mostly sirens… which is alarming (intended) as I rely on smartthings for security. Glad to hear that I am not alone.