Outdoor Z-wave Sensor for a Gate

Ive search everywhere, does anyone know of an Outdoor door/window Z-wave Sensor?

This topic might be of interest. Discussion of both accelerometers (the gate moved) and contact sensors.

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Thanks. I was hoping to find an outdoor one so it would be small, but I might have to go this route

Thanks again

I took a regular door sensor… Took the cap off and put a layer of plastic wrap on the inside. Help up then a recent storm we had . 4 inches of rain

I’ve updated my post on how I solved my particular problem.

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I installed an Aeon hidden sensor and installed in in the gate and post. The only problem is that the availability tends to be sporadic.

Currently unavailable. :sob:

Found them: http://store.homeseer.com/store/Aeon-Labs-Aeotec-DSB54-ZWUS-Z-Wave-Recessed-Door-Sensor-P1830C48.aspx

Only 17 left :slight_smile:

Looks like the part number is different. I’ll give them a try.

I see there are a lot of threads out there on this topic.
Especially how to weather proof these sensors.
Does no one manufacture a outdoor door sensor?
Or I guess the question is why does no one manufacture a outdoor sensor. I mean look at all the threads there is demand for it.

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Just saw this. I have an Ecolink Open-Close sensor attached to an exterior gate. All I did was cover it in plastic wrap and then cover that in electrical tape. It’s been out there for going on 6 months now, and it’s fine.

And we just had 2 feet of snow last month. This is mid-Altantic temps; I don’t know if it would work in, e.g., Minnesota. But unless you have extreme weather, I’d suggest a budget indoor multi like Eco-link.

The only problem is range – as it happens, the gate is close to my house, but a few steps further and the hub would lose contact.

Has there been any updates to this topic of an outdoor gate fence door sensor? I guess that recessed one will work but I don’t love the idea of drilling. I have a white PVC fence gate that I would like to have a sensor on that sends an alert if it is open more than 5 minutes for the purpose of making sure it is not open to prevent the dog from running away. Do you think the Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 , ZW089-A will be weather proof since it is drilled into the fence gate? Are there any better options for this purpose? Of all the accessories I would think this would be a popular one so I’m confused as to why there aren’t many or any at all real options. Thanks.

I used a gate magnetic contact switch and a Aeotec dry contact sensor. The switch has a wire on it so, i ran the wire to a remote location to protect it from the weather and abuse. The dry contact sensor is in a weatherproof box, I was able to have it closer to my house for so that I would not have range issues. It works great.

Sonline Surface Mounted Wired Metal Iron Gate Magnetic Contact Switch Alarm

Aeotec by Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 ZW097-A

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I just purchased an Aeotec Gen5 ZW097-A but the ST hub won’t recognize it. Can you tell me how you got it to pair?

I followed the directions to get the Contact sensor to work. I don’t remember there being any issues, but that isn’t the case with every sensor. Sometimes when pairing multiple sensors of the same type some pair easy and some don’t. Sorry I don’t have a better answer. I would suggest factor resetting the sensor. It usually works.

Thanks for the quick reply. I followed your advice and it paired up. Working fine now.

Will this work for a doorbell?

When you paired it did you need to change the device type?

Can anyone update their experience with the Aeon hidden door sensor and dry contact sensor? I bought one of each for a wooden gate and metal gate in my back yard.

There appears to be a pretty substantial gap in the top of the hidden door sensor with the electronics right behind it. I’m concerned there will be a lot of issues with moisture in this device. Did anyone using this, cover the inside with seran wrap to prevent moisture getting inside?

Also, I live in New England and I’m thinking cold winters are going to be tough on the batteries on these devices. Any experience with this?

Thank you!

The Sensative Strip is a zwave plus sensor designed for outdoor conditions. Works well, is very slim so fits inside the gate frame. It’s also paintable. It’s from a Swedish company with a patent on their design.

Strips is designed to withstand normal outdoor climates. The mounted PCB is coated in a moisture protective film before it is placed and sealed in the plastic casing. All components are specified to work between -20 degrees Celsius (-4 F) up to + 60 degrees Celsius (140 F).

So that’s about as good as you can expect from a battery operated device, batteries just won’t work very well below freezing.

The main drawback is that they’re expensive, list price $60, but the smartest House does have an offer where they give you a free Zooz indoor motion sensor with each sensative strip, so that makes the cost much more reasonable:


If you need something that will operate in much colder temperatures, pretty much your only option is to use a conventional weatherproofed mag closure and run wires to a Z wave radio device which is in a more sheltered location. That’s what people have been describing up above such as in post 13. This should work fine, it’s just a little more work to set up and may not be quite as convenient.

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As far as using saran wrap on any battery powered device – – don’t. Also don’t put it inside a Ziploc bag. Batteries outgas, and they need to be vented in order to do so to operate safely. You also have to be careful not to change the heat distribution on small battery powered devices or you can damage the internal parts.

There are some sealants you can buy for electrical parts, but they will void the warranty, they can be tricky to use, and again you don’t want to actually seal the battery area of the device.

The safest method for weatherproofing is to put the whole device inside a vented electrical projects box. Like the ones used around exterior Wall outlets. Don’t use metal, of course, because it will interfere with the signal, but plastic is usually OK.

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