Open/Close Contact Sensor HKZW-DWS01


I’m new to ST. I included this device (HKZW-DWS01) in my network, it is an open/closed sensor, I can see it under devices.

In “Right Now” it shows to be inactive.
In “Recently”, I can see it opened and closed every time I break or make-up the contact.

I can’t get my smartapp to recognize it as anything and I can’t find a device handler that works. Can someone suggest a solution?

I had a similar issue with a motion sensor, but, once I installed the device handler it was fixed.



It sure seems to be working because the App is showing it open and close!

Login to the SmartThings IDE page and check which Device Type Handler has been assigned to it. It needs to claim Capability “Contact Sensor” … I find it hard to believe any automatically applied DTH wouldn’t have done this.

You’ll have to do a bunch of exploring under My Devices.

I’m sorry, you’re way above me at this point. I see it in IDE, I don’t see anything about the DH. The status is “active”. The current status is “sensor : inactive”. In Events I can see every open and close that has happen…?

I have no clue how I figured this out, but when making the device discoverable, 3 clicks gives the results I had. Holding it down for 3 seconds makes it show up perfectly

The assigned DH is listed by name in the Device List:

I believe this is the same device rebranded by Monoprice, in their product page some guy had the exact same problem and someone else answered that the problem is fixed if you add it as secure, another guy confirmed…


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That is correct, I somehow figured that out. When adding the device, you must hold the button for three seconds, not depress it three times as they provide different results in ST.

Thanks for the help!