Hub not displaying correct open/Close status in Android App or Current States on Device Page

Hello all,

I’ve installed some Monoprice and GoControl Door/Window contact sensors around my house and connected them to a V2 Smartthings hub. I’m using the default device handler from Smartthings. Usually they work pretty good but last night I noticed that the open/close state for one of the sensors did not update in the android app after the door was closed. This morning I checked in the Device page and the current state is listed as open there as well.

The funny thing is that if I look in the event log for the device, I can see the open state being reported and then 3 minutes later I can see the last reported status for the device being received is that the contact is now closed.

So it looks like the hub received the status update for the sensor being closed but didn’t process it or just didn’t update the currents state for the device.

Has anyone else seen something like this and have a solution? Going to be kind of hard to tell if there is a real problem if the sensors don’t always display the current status correctly.


Hello Joshua,

I have 2 IRIS contact sensors that are doing the same thing. From what I have read/been told, it’s related to what is going on with the whole ST back end issues right now. Until they fix the reliability issues, things are a bit screwy


Usually a refresh from the device handler fixes the issues. I did have 2 motions sensors that got stuck in a state and a battery pull fixed 1 and a remove/add fixed the other.