AEON DS829-ZWUS 2ND GEN door/window sensor messed up smartapp status

im loosing more of my hair figuring out whats going on with this contact sensors. i have two of these said sensors that i bought off ebay.

-first off i got them paired and was recognized as GOCONTROL CONTACT SENSORS.(flag?) and are currently using GOCONTROL CONTACT SENSOR device handle

  • the problem is on the smartapp they are showing they are “OPEN” when the contacts are closed!

i even mounted the sensors on temporary board just to make sure i have the contacts attaching right.

would really appreciate any help i can get… and help me save whatever remaining hair i have…

thank you in advance

sounds like a parameter is already set to reverse their reported status. By the original owner.

They change state when you remove the magnet ?

I do not know specifically which parameter, or how to change the parameter. I expect you can temporarily change the device type definition in IDE, then press “configure” in phone-app, then change device type back to default, to reverse the reported status.

I really should learn, since I have status sensors that would be slightly nicer to use, if I reversed their statuses. But you’d better not wait for me to figure it out.

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i actually used the Zwave door/window sensor device handler and sensors work fine now… i really should think it should’nt be this hard… . lesson learned…

I see - so I can probably use device type “GOCONTROL CONTACT SENSORS” to reverse my reported status.