Open and Close Alert between Certain Times

Hello All.

I am fairly new to SmartThings. I am looking for a SmartApp that will do the following:

If a door contact is triggered ‘Open’ during Certain Hours then do the following:

  1. Will Blink a light or set of lights.
  2. When done blinking, if the lights were on, leave them on and if they are off, keep them off
  3. Notify me by push notifications

Can anyone help?

I am looking to do the same thing. I am assuming you have a young one that likes to try to sneak out of their room during naptime? That is my use case. I want to blink a HUE Lux bulb we have in a lamp that is by her door. So if her door opens during the “Nap Time” mode or time based (Sat and Sunday 12:00-3:30) the lamp would then blink and even better randomize the lumens to really get our attention. For the concerned parents, we don’t make her sleep that long, just want to know when the stinker is being a sneak and then decide if she has to go back to bed.