Smart lighting app question

i set up a light for my daughter to come on when she goes to the bathroom at night and need some help.
i am using smart lights app
She sleeps with her door shut so i used a door sensor so that when she opens her door the light comes on @10% and stays on for 4 minutes. then cuts off when she shuts her door back. great works perfect.
except when she activates the light by opening the door and then never shuts the door back obviously the light never gets triggered to go back off… what can I use to turn the light off if she doesn’t shut her door.

I thought i had seen some post about a smarter night light which sounds like what i need but i couldn’t find app.

You can set the timer for 4 minutes after the door sensor opens. Could be a problem if she’s in the Washroom for longer so adding a motion sensor would be a better option.

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you may be right to just go with a motion sensor and set a time frame that it is allowed to turn on and off the light. it looks like I only i have the timer option when i select off after door closes. be nice to just have the timer option after the door has been opened