[OBSOLETE] Sharing some of my SmartApps (multiple lighting apps, garage check, not everyone leaves)

I’ve been working at SmartThings since 2012 and have written a ton of SmartApps during that time. Here are some that I use everyday in my house that I thought I’d share. There are only 7 apps there now, but I’ll try to keep updating this repo.

Let me know if you have any questions about them!


Neat, thank you for sharing, I like the extra-phase-execution app.

I would suggest editing your post to include the titles and descriptions for your seven apps, hopefully that will make it easier for people to get excited about your apps (plus making them searchable in Google).

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@noname4444 - great idea. Here they are:

Close Garage Door (link)
Double check your garage door. First warn if it is still open, and then always close when switching to a specific mode. For example, send a notification at 8:00 PM if the garage is still open, and then close it when switching to “overnight” mode.

Dimmer Remote (link)
Using a button device (like Aeon Minimote), and a dimmer switch, have 1 button to turn the light on full (button 1), one button to dim the light (button 3), and the other buttons to turn off the light.

Dimmers Always Full (link)
Any time a dimmeable light turns on or changes level, reset the level to 99

Extra Phrase Execution (link)
This handles a specific case where not everyone leaves, which is typically what triggers a phrase to
execute, but also execute it at specific time when only 1 person leaves.

Kids Christmas Lights (link)
The kids like Christmas lights going in their room as they fall asleep during the holidays. This sets a timer to turn the lights off after a certain number of minutes. However, to keep the kids in bed, it also turns off the lights if the kids get up and open the door.

Light Up The Night Advanced (link)
Turns on lights when it gets dark, and off when it gets light. Uses an sensor for illuminance like the Aeon Multisensor. It also turns on the lights at a given time, and off at a different time. Finally, it has a delay, so the lights don’t go on and off if the light level is right on the threshold.

Turn On Lights When A Door Opens After Sunset (link)
When a door opens after sunset, turn on some lights. Known bug - may not work the first day