Can I set a door sensor to only activate a task during certain hours?

I’ve tried a number of different settings but can’t seem to get it right.

I have a door sensor set to turn on a light and it works fast and smooth but I only want it to trigger when it’s between a set time (night/dark) or maybe based on sunset/sunrise.

It triggers fine but if I have a time set in place with the door sensor it will turn on at the set time when I don’t want it to.

Almost seems like there should be a few more options for deny/allow or maybe I’m missing something.

Thank you

Which smartapp are you using to create this automation?

If you use smart lighting, you can turn on a light with a contact sensor as the trigger, and if you tap “more options” at the bottom of the screen, you can restrict the automation so it only occurs between the two times that you set.


I’ve just been using the Smarthings App. Would be ideal to use one app rather than a bunch but I guess it is what it is. It’s my shed that I have it setup. I have a WeMo Light switch controlling the exterior lights and I have an Iris Door Sensor to trigger.

I’ll have a look at “Smart Lighting Home”.

“SmartLighting” is an official feature of the SmartThings mobile app and can do what you describe. Here are the instructions:


A smartapp is what SmartThings calls a program that can perform some kind of automation with your hub and connected devices.

Some are created by SmartThings, others by developers that submitted their smartapps for publication. Those smartapps are listed in the “marketplace” tab of your mobile app.

I think this was originally envisioned as a real app store, but they couldn’t really keep up with the process of approving apps that were submitted. Earlier this year they indefinitely suspended the submission process.

There’s another way to manually install smartapps created by community developers, if you’re interested. But you should check smart lighting for this particular use case.

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This is very easy…Please read the wiki for installation instructions and join the forum…

Why not just use smart lighting?

It all depends how many automations you are running. I was using an app to do small routines, but once they became more complicated, I moved to Core. Then, I discovered WebCoRE and never looked back…It’s just incredible.

If you haven’t used WebCoRE, give it a try…

Webcore can do many things, but it probably would be overkill just for having a sensor trigger a light at a certain time of day.

And in particular, smartlighting can run locally, which webcore cannot. So there are some advantages to going that route, Especially for sensor-triggered lighting. :sunglasses:


I agree, WebCoRE is great.

But since the OP seems to be pretty new to ST, getting started with the built-in smartapps for simple automations seems like a reasonable way to go. No need to login to the IDE and install custom code, and WebCoRE can actually be a bit overwhelming for those of us without any computer programming backgrounds.