Hue Lights - Recent Issue on ST?


Anyone notice a problem with Hue Lights no longer working on ST recently? I just noticed this problem today, just wondered if anyone else had similar issues? Although I’m using the Hue Reconnect SmartApp…

Tried using the Hue interface and Eve to control the lights which works fine. But stopped working under ST?


I have never had it work as advertised… have to reboot ST hub about every day for it to work.

Today even rebooting does not seem to fix it… Being able to control Hue Lights is basic stuff. Not pleased.

I’ve had ST for a good number of months, and not had any problems with Hue lights using the standard smartapp out the box. I have moved over to the Community Reconnect Hue SmartApp, which again has been problem free for sometime.
But as of today, none of the hue lights work under ST? Was all good last night.

I notice from the status update, theres been some tinkering going on! Some kind of Hue improvement as it mentions? Surely an improvement does not mean the lights stop working! Or could changes have impacted the Hue Reconnect smartapp?

Anyone that have had Hue lights working last night, but stopped today let us know to confirm? Also lets us know if you are using the HueReconnect Smartapp in case the ST’s change release has broken this?

Update - We have released a change which has improved Hue control. We are continuing to investigate a separate issue regarding unreachable bulbs.
Sep 22, 22:02 EDT

Identified - We have addressed the delay in controlling Hue bulbs. We continue to investigate the issue where some users are unable to control Hue and will provide a status update this week.
Sep 20, 19:51 EDT

Investigating - Some users may be experiencing difficulty or delay in controlling Hue bulbs. We are investigating and will provide an update when available.
Sep 16, 19:03 EDT

Notice my Sonos has also stopped working! Can’t play anything any radio/music via ST; and none of the custom messages via BigTalker are working anymore!?
Was working as of last night…

The issues have been discussed at some length in a couple of threads. Search is your friend.

Maybe it would be more helpful to supply links.

I have had SmartThings for a few years now and My hue bulbs have been nearly perfect since Hub v2 came out. I will add that after the last update, I had a few devices that needed to be repaired with smartThings. I also had a problem last week where my bulbs seem to be a little bit delayed through smartThings but that cleared up on it’s own. I am using Hue Reconnect as well.

I believe that they incorporate search engines into these communities so that the same questions don’t have to be asked/answered repeatedly. It still happens, though, and when it does I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point it out. After all, you get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize. :slight_smile:

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I don’t disagree, but how one points it out sets a tone for the community.

Doesn’t this get your point across without sarcasm at the end?

Anyway, I don’t want to hijack this topic.

Got in touch with support team, and eventually got the issue resolved.
I don’t think this issue was something that was discussed in length in previous threads, as it was new.

The support team had advised that due to a recent change that was pushed out 22nd Sep (as per the status update that I had mentioned). This change appeared to have an issue across some users? Not sure why. But in the end I had to remove and re-add the hue bridge to rectify the issue.

With regards the Sonos issue, there was no known issue with this due to service. However, having removed and re-added the device this appeared to resolve the issue. But no reason as to why things stopped working in the first place.

I called support tonight but they did not know how to fix my Hue issues. Smartthings hasn’t been able to control them since earlier this week. I ended up tapping on the Hue Bridge in my list of things, tapping the gear and then going through the guided setup. It re detected the bridge and now it works again. No need to remove it first.