One of my ST motion sensors is giving false positives

(Shaun Reinson) #1

One of my ST motion sensors is giving false positives. Thought it might have been sunlight or shadows from the trees outside doing this, but stuck it in a drawer and its still triggering motion.

Is it a faulty sensor, or is there something I can do to stop this ?

Replaced the battery the other week, so I know its not that.


(Sean) #2

Did you replace with a Panasonic brand battery?
Apparently that is the only brand compatible with ST sensors.

I hsd same problem with a generic brand.
Energizer will not work at all!

(Brian Diehl) #3

I have used Energizer for multis and arrival sensors, but they do not work for motion sensors.

(Shaun Reinson) #4

Yes - Panasonics - I’m looking at a pack of 5 as I type this.

Still has 78% - mind you, I know that ST’s calculation of this is somewhat flakey…

I’ve swapped out, and using one of my Fibaro ones instead - bit more reliable.

Would like to know if an OTA update might sort it - bit wary of doing one of those, so its not enabled on my hub


(Sean) #5

Yep mine said 70+% when i had issues too.
But a new battery should be 100% below that is ? at least from my experience.

(Shaun Reinson) #6

Battery started out at 100%, thats fine.

Its only been in for a month

Had it in the drawer overnight, and it gave a false positive at 1639 and 0247

Anyone know if the OTA updates might fix it ?

Is there a reset or reboot I can do - beyond just taking the battery out ?

Not cheap these sensors…


(Wayne) #7

I’ve got a couple which do that. I have no fix. The ota did not fix. You can try a reset by holding down the button and releasing when yellow. Then add the device back in add things on the app.

(pillock) #8

I’ve got one doing this too. I’ve got two ST Motion sensors in total and it’s just one that’s giving false positives, even though that has the newer battery.
I’ve had to take it out of my CoRE nighttime lighting routine as the house kept turning all the bulbs to 20% about 5-6 times a night thinking there was someone walking around.

May well just replace with a Xiaomi one for £15, it must be a hardware fault since both my sensors will use the same device handler, same firmware etc.

(Wayne) #9

These false positives have been a pain in the backside for me too. They are much reduced after replacing with new batteries everywhere but they still happen. I too know it’s nothing to do with environment as they still happen when placed in a box overnight. What I’m not sure about is whether they actually emanate from the device or just the cloud platform causing the false positive. I suspect it’s the device though as the false positives occur when the device handler is local or not.

(Gen) #10

Mine do the same…
Or else they drop offline and come back online a day later.

Bought the UK smart things hub and sensors at xmas and it’s on the brink of going on Ebay.
Far from impressed with the smart things hub and motion sensors…

(Bob) #11

I have put my ST motion sensors in a draw as I am fed up with them.
Will drag them out in 6 months time to see if they are working then. Maybe an update or something to improve them.
I have replaced all my ST motion sensors with Orvibo, Xiaomi and Hue ones. Much more reliable.
The Xiaomi ones are £10 a pop and very small.

(Gen) #12

I have just ordered up four Xiaomi sensors will give them a try, if they work returning all the ST motion sensors back to amazon for a refund :frowning:

(Shaun Reinson) #13

Well, after a month in a closed drawer, the battery low alerts came, and it was at 1% - all the false positives wore it out. Is it faulty, or should I OTA update it ?? Or bin ?

(Ray) #14

One of my ST sensor was giving false positive couple times a day and the battery was 89%. I did a reset on the device and noticed the LED on the sensor was blinking a little dimmer than normal during the pairing process. Measured my battery and it was 2.7V. Battery replaced and no more fault. Don’t trust the battery report from ST. Use a meter.

(pillock) #15

I also splashed out on a new CR2450 despite the sensor reporting 89% left.
Zero false positives now, and my kitchen no longer looks like a disco at night.

It’s a shame those battery readings aren’t more accurate…