Potential false positives from my ST motion sensor

I have the official ST motion sensor in my living room. I have had the system for about 2 months with no issues. But yesterday I received a motion alert for 1 minute. The alarm went off for that period of time (which is a different issue to me). I went home and it appeared like there were no issues. The same thing happened today. These don’t seem to be happening during the night. But once again I have only had two happen. Could light changes in the room cause a false positive? Is there a way to tweak the sensitivity? Has anyone else had this problem?

As for the different issue, I don’t like that once the alarm has triggered it goes off if motion stops. I feel like this should go until I shut it off. Am i missing something in my app configuration for the motion detection?

@cjm3407 I am not 100% on this but I believe I have seen one behave this way. I don’t have it hooked up to anything like an alarm like yours but it is in my home theater and set to activate lights when someone approaches. I have not been able to test if out much but I have it in my AV stack and it faces a window about 22 feet away. Room is pretty dark when lights are off but light does come ing the window. I have seen motion on it and I think the light change from window could do it. I also have two small dogs (23lbs each) that could be messing around in there setting it off. If I get a chance i will do some testing.

the motion sensor seems super unstable for me so far, it keeps saying there is motion when there isnt. And the iOS app seems unresponsive as well

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Anyone having problems with the SmartSense Motion sensor should contact support. That is not a widespread issue and can be resolved with a few troubleshooting tips with the ends result either being we get it working or replace the device.

We just had a possible false positive event from our motion sensor. Both my wife and I received the motion notification on our smartphones while we were away. My wife got to the house in 10 minutes and didn’t see anything suspicious. We had the motion sensor and SmartThings for about 2 months, and this is the first time we experienced a false positive event from the motion sensor.
It is located in the foyer area of our house, and the only potential movements that may trigger it are (1) leaves from inside plant falling down, (2) flower from orchid fell down, or (3) outside movement from a window above our entry door that is at least 20 ft away.
Battery level is at 88% and sensor is mounted securely on the wall 10 ft above floor (midway between 1st and 2nd floors).
I’m going to check and remount sensor on wall again to make sure it’s fine.

I’ve had SmartThings set up in my house since February. I have 6 motion sensors (most of them SmartThings) covering my entire floor plan and every one has had exactly one “false” motion detected (although one of those “falses” could have been an animal outside my kitchen window).The four that turned all of the house lights on and set the sirens off and the Sonos blasting in the middle of the night are the most problematic for me but, since I also have all my windows and doors equipped with SmartThings sensors, I’m able to put on my glasses, look at the Activity Feed and see if it’s just one sensor or if I have a real problem. So far, knock wood, they’ve all been “false positives”. Having the entire house covered this way also helps when I’m away. Using Activity Feed I was also been able to determine wether or not something unwanted was happening in my house for the other two alerts and, since the only activity in the house was on one motion detector, remotely turn off the lights and the sirens and the Sonos.

Some weird coincidence. Even I got the false positive alert when my battery level is 88%. :frowning:

I just had another false positive this early morning on the same ST motion sensor. Batt lev is now 75%. I forgot to mention it’s a 1st geneneration and not plugged in. I also have two Evolv motion sensors for 3 weeks now with no issues.
Anybody else experiencing false positive on the 1st gen ST motion sensor?

I had two false positives on consecutive days about two weeks ago on my 1st Gen motion, it is plugged in. Checked the drop cam CVR during the “event” and there was nothing. None of my other (non 1st gen) motions went off and one of them has overlapping coverage with the 1st Gen. Support claims it must be an insect or something - doubtful in my opinion because I think I would have had more than 2 hits in the last 8 months I’ve had the detector if I had a bug problem.

Ill join the club. had 7 false positives resulting in false alarm with my motion sensor since i installed it now a year ago… my smart things senors (2 of them) have shown motion when there is none many many times … i am lucky that it only has set off the alarm 7 times. i ended up disabling the alarm because i cant keep waking up neighbors when im out of town, etc… for what its work my 2 aeon mulisensor that have motion detection work perfectly fine.

I had my motion replaced hoping it was a faulty one. I had another false positive motion - ST Motion 2013 model. I have 2 monoprice motions and a ST motion 2014 that have not reported false positives, at least not during alarm mode.

I’m going to remove the 2013 motion from the alarm app soon.

I have several 1st-gen ST motion detectors (I think 6) and 3 of them routinely give false alarms… probably each one does once a month. I also had 1 Aeon Multisensor that was giving false positives at least once every week, until I turned down its sensitivity and now it works fine. Unfortunately, the ST motions aren’t adjustable.

I’ve tried moving mine to areas where they might be less prone to false alarms. We will see.

@matt battery pull fixed mine…

just yanking the battery and you have no more false positives? how long have you been without one?

couple of days now…

I’ll give that a try, thanks.

I just recieved my ST kit and the motion sensor is alerting every 15 to 30 seconds. Right now its in the garage and there is absolutely no motion in there but its still alerting.

We were away this weekend and it was doing the same thing in the living room. No animals in the house and its generally pointing to the middle if the room.

Very annoying and aggravating. Will try pulling the battery.

Interestingly, the battery is at 88%.

This is due to ST only reading battery level steps. It will drop from 100 to 88 and then the next is like 77, but it should be at 88 for a while. Essentially, if it’s less than 100, it drops to the step below which is 88.

Thanks for that info. I added it because it seemed a lot of people were seeing similar problems when the battery was at 88.

Pulling the battery seems to have corrected the issue for now.