On / Off Micro controller for LED Fixture

I have a closet switch with no neutral wire available, so I can’t just install a GE In-Wall dimmer like I’ve done elsewhere in my home. The load on this switch is a 23.5 watt LED fixture.

I am looking for something I can install/wire that will:

  • not require a neutral wire at the switch
  • will work with the LED load mentioned above
  • will NOT require another hub (so, no Insteon, Lutron Caseta, Phillips Hue, etc.)

The fixture is dimmable, but I’m willing to forgo the ability to dim. A dimmable solution would just be a bonus.

I’ve looked at the Fibaro Switch 2 and the Fibaro Dimmer 2. The Switch 2 information I’ve read says it is for incandescent or halogen (not LED), so it appears to not be a possibility for on/off functionality. The Dimmer 2 info seems to say it will work with LED if the minimum load is 25 watt. If the load is lower (like the fixture I have), you need to install the Dimmer Bypass pass module(??).

Surely someone makes a z-wave or zigbee micro controller (on/off or dimmer) that I can just wire behind the switch that works with low watt LED fixtures? If such a controller exists and requires a neutral, I could always wire it up at the ceiling fixture.

Many thanks for any advice/product recommendations.

The Aeotec nano dimmer has a 20 W minimum load and does not require a neutral. :sunglasses:

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Not paid—I’m just another customer. Plenty of people help me out as well, and there are many subjects I don’t touch at all, like webcore pistons.

But when it comes to device specs, well, that’s sort of my hobby anyway, so that part is fun for me. :sunglasses: