Help with Aeotech Nano Dimmer

Hi everyone, this one’s got me stumped, so I hope someone can help.

Over the years I’ve replaced almost all of the switches in my house with z-wave switches, and this is the first time I’ve had no neutral wire in any place in the house. I’m trying to control the under-cabinet lights in my kitchen, which consist of 3, 20-watt fluorescent tube fixtures on a single switch.

I ordered the aeotech nanodimmer ( because it seems like it will work without a neutral. I’m not trying to dim the fluorescent lights at all, just turn them on and off.

I’ve wired it exactly like this:

I attached COM and S1 to the existing switch.

I have successfully paired it with my smartthings hub. The light on the controller indicates that it is properly responding to on/off commands from both the physical switch and the smartthings app. However, the lights simply do not turn on.

After poking around on these forums, I’ve installed and (somewhat) learned how to use z-wave tweaker. I have set params 131 and 132 both to 99 so that it should go immediately to max output. Param 128 is returning a “2” which the engineering manual says indicates 3-wire mode, which is incorrect.

I’m not positive how load detection works. The LED on the controller is “green” which I think indicates it’s 0-48W. Load should be 60W, but I’m thinking it just isn’t detecting a higher load because the lights have to actually be on for detection to work, and that has proven to be impossible so far.

I hope I’m missing something simple here, but I’ve been banging my head against the wall for a few hours now, and I’m out of ideas. Please help!!!