Aeon Labs Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer (2nd Edition)

Hi All,

I’m struggling to find concrete information regarding these dimmers can anyone who owns the DSC19103-ZWEU or equivalent please help me by answering a few questions?


What’s the minimum load required for these to work correctly with LED lights?
What’s the difference between Leading-Edge and Trailing-Edge LEDs and dimmers and how to I spot which bulbs are compatible as not all seem to say?
In general do 2-wire dimmers require a higher load than 3-wire? I can use either option ultimately but currently can only test 2-wire.

I’m really struggling to find a dimmer that isn’t massively expensive (as I’m looking at buying 10-12) that works well with lots of LED dimmable bulbs. I’ve looked at the Fibaro 212 and they are between £5 and £15 more expensive and then require an additional bypass for each bulb if the load is under 25W totalling at £50-60 a piece. I would stick with Philips Hue bulbs but these require the light switches to always be left on which isn’t ideal (I initially thought these were pricey but they seem like the cheap option now!)

Am I missing something or shouldn’t it be simpler to find a bulb and relay or smart switch combo which works well!

As always, thanks for your help in advance, this community is great at filling in the gaps!

Sorry, don’t know enough to answer your questions but what you might wanna do is contact Vesternet

They’ve been around for quite some time, are UK based, and also offer bulk buy discounts so likely to be more than happy to be of assistance!