Power into light: best controller

I have 7 3-way circuits with power to light. I am looking for the best smart controller. I read all the threads and I still can’t choose the best controller for my scenario.

So far I checked:
Lutron Caseta (requires a bridge)
Aeotec Micro
Aeotec Nano
Fibaro dimmer
Leviton smart switch (I hate the design)

  1. What’s the difference between the Aeotec micro and nano?
  2. Is there a reason why the Fibaro is more expensive than Aeotec
  3. Is it possible to wire Aeotec or Fibaro in the switch box instead of the light box? One of my light is very high over a staircase. It’s not easy to access. Others are recessed lights, I don’t know where the circuit starts so it will be a lot of “fun” to find it. I have so many recessed lights.
  4. Is there an other device compatible with my setup?
  5. Which one would you recommend ?


  1. Main differences between aeotec micro and nano is the size of the devices, and nano supports z-wave plus. Aeotec claims the nano can work without a neutral wire, but I believe people have reported inconsistent experiences with that.

  2. No idea really, probably mostly a brand name premium, but I’ve never looked closely at the fibaro’s features.

  3. If your neutral wires are in the ceiling fixture boxes, then no, I don’t think so.

  4. Not 100% sure what you mean, but the SmartThings hub is a z-wave controller. So if you have a ST hub, then no, you didn’t.

  5. I have an Aeon micro switch wired into a fixture on a 3-way circuit just like yours in the diagram that works great. I bought a nano switch and dimmer several months ago and haven’t gotten around to installing them yet because it’s a PITA to wire these things into the fixture boxes in the ceiling.

All z-wave switches will need constant power, so you will have to make sure your lights are on the load circuit.

The aeon miro and nano switches both need neutral wires. The neutral wire is optional for the aeon nano dimmer.

I updated my question #4 because it was not clear. I meant:
“Is there an other device compatible with my setup?”

People seems to have issue with the Aeotec Nano. The micro seems more reliable. Is it true?

Anything good or bad to say about Lutron Caseta?

I have had two micro switches for about 3 years connected now and used multiple time/day without a single issue. I have not tried the nano switch.

Depends what you’re referring to. SmartThings device handler? Not working well without a neutral? Something else?

I also have a couple caseta switches and dimmers for the lights that I couldn’t install an Aeon switch in the ceiling. I think they work great, even though the integration with ST is cloud-to-cloud. As you mentioned, you’ll need a lutron bridge though.