Arlo Pro 3 and ST Workarounds?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any success developing any workarounds for controlling Arlo Pro 3 cameras through ST.

I simply would like to arm and disarm my cameras based on the condition of my Smart Home Monitor (armed/disarmed).

I’ve looked at IFTTT with no success. What about Alexa? I know Alexa is compatable with both…

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The trick that I use is to just leave the Arlo system in Armed mode in the Arlo app, and then use SmartThings to turn the Arlo Cameras on/off depending on which condition the STHM is in. That’s because if the Arlo camera is off, then all it’s sensors are off, so Arlo won’t do anything.

@DaWeav I use this, but it doesn’t work for the pro 3. ST is unable to turn it “off” through the execution of a routine.

With Arlo Pro 3? Can you tell me how you are executing this?

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I have the Arlo 2 camera system, not the Arlo 3 sorry. The Arlo 2 camera devices in SmartThings have the ability to be switched on and switched off. So, even more Arlo/SmartThings fragmentation apparently. Guess I won’t upgrade to the Arlo 3’s since you all are advising that SmartThings can’t do a simple thing like switching the Arlo Camera device on/off. Wow!

it’s not SmartThings thatcan’t do a simple thing. Arlo needs to update their integration. You need to contact them.

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I have contacted Arlo, that was my first step. I have received ZERO response besides the standard canned answer…

I posted here in hopes of someone had found a workaround.