[ON HOLD] Netatmo Thermostat Device Handler & Connect App

Hi All,

I have finally kicked off my development for the Netatmo Thermostat integration.

Not quite ready to release anything yet, but using this thread to report project progress, todos and also seek help when I run into problems. Note that the Netatmo API currently only supports the main thermostat, not the radiator valves (they have only just got the radiator valves working on Alexa, so it should be coming at some point in the future).
Thanks to loads of others who have built similar integrations for the other Netatmo products. I will edit this thread to provide the necessary credits once I release some code into the wild.

Status so far:

Netatmo Thermostat Connect SmartApp

  • Processes Oauth security for connection to Netatmo Dev API, with thermostat read_only scope
  • Creates Child device for Thermostat
  • Sends child events for current temperature, setpoint temperature and last update time

Netatmo Thermostat Device Handler

  • Kicked off using a modified temperature module
  • Displays the temperature and setpoint tiles with latest cloud data

Next few steps:

  • modify DH to show more thermostat-orientated tiles initially for the read_only data
  • modify SA to improve synchronisation frequency
  • modify DH/SA to show thermostat status heating/idle
  • modify DH/SA to show thermostat mode program/away/frostguard/manual
  • modify DH/SA to show thermostat schedule in use

I know lots of people have asked about this in the past, so hopefully I can get something working well before too long.


Thats great news - Looking forward to seeing what you can get working.

Let me know if you need anything testing.

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I’m happy to test too if you need me :slight_smile:

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Great news, I was waiting for that since I got the Netatmo thermostat and the Smartthings hub two months ago and discovered that they don’t work together.

If you need testers, count me in!

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Hi David. I’m a webapp cloud developer, and I recently bought this device, very surprised that there isn’t an official integration yet. I would love to help you in this development. I know well how oauth2 works. Could you please publish the code in github?

I have 2 Netatmo Weather Stations and would be happy to test as well, although I’m using this method currently with no issues at all:

Hi Jason,

I am working on the thermostat, not the weather station. I have used community developed apps for the weatherstation successfully for a long time.


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Once again, I’ve commented before reading thoroughly…:slight_smile:

Good luck with the development.

I offer myself as betatester

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Count me in on the Beta testing wagon! Thanks!

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+1 for testing !

Any news on this one?

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I came tonight to ask just that! Lol! Any updates?

PS: Happy New Year people!

Your post was the last encouragement to go out and get smartthings.
I imagine that developing this in your own time will take a while, however happy to add to the testing bed when you get there.

Hopefully I will be able to ditch ifttt soon.
Thanks for having a go.

Sorry to disappoint the 8 of you who had expressed an interest and willingness to beta test this, but due to poor experience from Netatmo during the key winter heating period, I have taken the decision to suspend further development of this project.

Whilst I had hoped that the Netatmo API would allow control/monitoring of the multizone radiator valves, this is still not available even though they are in the phone app and Alexa integration. So any SmartThings handler will be limited to the main room thermostat.

In my personal opinion the release of these valves has been rather botched by Netatmo. It took far too long to be available after their “launch” announcement in September 2016, and even then the valves were far more expensive launching at £70 each rather than the expected EUR50. I was also told by Netatmo that the valves would be able to call for heat directly (i.e. trigger the boiler relay ON) rather than only when the CH was operating due to the main room thermostat. As a result this was deemed a suitable product to use to keep my conservatory at a safe temperature for my plant collection during winter - or so I thought. It turns out that despite promoting this feature it was not activated in the devices.

On 9th December, whilst away from home for a couple of weeks, I left an urgent message for support to resolve why my radiator valve was not calling for heat despite falling way below my set temperature, and even falling below the frostguard temperature. Eventually, on 28th December I received a reply from Netatmo saying they have just completed an update of the phone app which introduced a new option allowing users to “turn on” the feature that allows radiator valves to call for heat directly. My plant collection was decimated and needless to say I was pretty unhappy about being left out in the cold by Netatmo’s false claims and poor support.

The bottom line, I now have just bought a complete multizone Honeywell Evohome solution, already integrated with SmartThings, and Netatmo has lost out on the new business.

A thermostat is a lot of work, and as I no longer have much incentive to work on it, it moves to the back burner.
If I ever receive some explanation/apology/incentive from Netatmo I will pick this up again in the autumn, but don’t hold your breath !

I am going to resume focus instead on power management, as spring is coming, and complete the suite of apps and handlers that optimise the self-consumption (minimise import and export) of power generated by the solar PV power system.

Thanks for your efforts with this.

I am still trying to decide which radiator valves to purchase.

Have you purchased the Evohome thermostat as well as the valves or just the valves ?

I bought the evohome thermostat which is needed to be able to manage and control the 8 valves I bought. I also picked up the hot water control kit. I’m pretty happy with it so far, and happy to answer any questions you have.

Hi David,

I am really sorry you hold the development of the netatmo SA and DH. I recently got one and I was exploring the possibility of continuing your work (I don’t have much time so I can’t make any promises) but … would you mind sharing the code you had so I don’t start from the beginning? Thanks…

Did anyone get any further with this, got a netatmo thermostat and would very much like to integrate it into smartthings.

Nothing heard here for a while…
I use IFTTT to integrate with ST - works quite well