[ON HOLD] Netatmo Thermostat Device Handler & Connect App

which IFTT integrations are you using?

I just use it as a ‘boost’
I have a virtual switch in ST that IFTTT reacts to
If on it sets the thermostat to 24c for 1.5 hrs

I actually use the solution provided by @dudz40… It works great! All you need is a RPi… I’ve gone thru several solutions and his is the only one I’m truly satisfied with!

Could you please point to the thread about this, I cannot find any reference for the netatmo thermostat. Thanks!

Daniel is referring to a generic bridge I made between Domoticz and SmartThings, mostly a RPi is used for the Domoticz software. The original idea, a couple of years ago, was to integrate devices that were not supported by protocol in ST. Think X10, LWRF, etc, etc. It gradually grew through request into more deviceTypes being supported. I had special type Thermostat myself, was supported by Domoticz, so i decided to also support basic thermostat functionality as well. Netatmo is also supported in Domoticz, so it is now in my App as well, same goes for Daikin based integrations.

The thread link below. It also contains a wiki link for setup if you folks like it.

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Hi, any news?

Hi David,

Can you sharing the code for Netatmo Thermostat Connect SmartApp and Netatmo Thermostat Device Handler,thanks.

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