Netatmo and other sensor together


I was wondering if someone already coded a app or webintef integrating all the temperatures/ UV / CO2 sensors etc from Netatmo and also from other devices like motion detector, dor open/close etc…

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If your in the UK then use this link. Everything I suspect your looking for is there.

If your in the US (I’d still use this link and just change the server) you can use the normal integration I understand.


DO NOT USE NETATMO and STs. The integration is crap and only works for a few days before having to be manually logged into again (with no warnings). I’ve spent hundreds on NETATMO integration and it’s basically pointless. Nevermind when Netatmo makes a change it goes down months on end with very little support.

@craig this the case me all…3 months and still ticking hasn’t failed once…i am pretty sure its the reauth key that’s the issue. I created the smartthings app in the netatmo manually and its never missed since
As for sensors, I have written a smartapp to switch on and off a switch based on a sensors threshold… This one was for the noise sensor so I could use to check ambient noise levels to asses if my living room is occupied

Can you explain in a bit more detail how you did this?

its very easy if you read the authentication section of the netatmo API, just create an app called SmartThings Netatmo Connect from the following site

You do this by running a curl web post. Look at the openhab binding for netamo this explains how to manually create an app

But then are you using the stock Netatmo (Connect) or a modified version from GitHub on the ST side?

I do this and I get a new access token and refresh token, but then how does this help my netatmo (connect) smart app since it has a different access token and refresh token

Ok I got it to use the manual app integration i created on the netatmo side. The steps i took were

  1. Create the app on netatmo get client and secret keys
  2. Create Netatmo (Connect) smart app in ST IDE using the git repo
  3. Edit the Netatmo (Connect) smartapp settings to include client and secret keys of netatmo app
  4. Enable oAuth in smartapp
  5. Manually add all the device types from github to my device handlers in the IDE
  6. Open the ST Mobile app and install netatmo (connect) from MY smartapps

Lets see how long this stays connected for. Before my netatmo would disconnect after about 3-4 days sometimes sooner

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fingers crossed, yes i am using a modified version as i am in the UK, so i needed to amend the server url

but its been good for 3 months. from the code it should be retrying the auth when the auth key expires by using the reauth key. i know from my logs this is working correctly.

Well that was short lived, it lasted until 10:52am today and just stopped updating… :frowning:

I think maybe your scheduling maybe isn’t working as this is too quick for the auth key to expire. This poll should be running every 5 minutes. Ignore your device logs. But in the smartapp logs is the smartapp poll happening at that interval? If not can I suggest you try without going through the netatmo connect join process process just click the new feature in the ide to redo the schedule if this works the next thing to do is see if you can come up with a way to use an external scheduler…there is a thread about using an arduino for this, I use my asus router…but pollster has been updated to enable input from external schedulers

I’m going to start playing with this over the next week. I really love my Netatmo but it’s pointless to me because it logs out after 3-4 days (as others have mentioned). I’d love to figure out how to stop this with that said I do not view having an external system to get it to work as a reasonable work around.

Personally I think ST should figure this out, they do say this is officially supported.

I’m another UK user.

I’ll be honest it’s been running smoothly, very smoothly for as long as it’s been installed. Perhaps they work around’s that we have to keep putting in because we are UK users need to be the norm.

Touch wood, my experiences with ST have been really good and really reliable.

Of course I just given it the kiss of death saying that. I’ll get me coat.

@Fuzzyligic - I modified an app that moniotrs deviecs and their last updated time (I added notifications) so that we can at least be notified when it stops working. This would also be helpful to troubleshoot because I usually don’t catch it until days later when it does me no good.

disclaimer: a HUGE portion of the software was written for battery notifications then just check in status - I just make a few modifications to add in notifications

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Sorry if this slightly off topic.

Does the outdoor module need to be shielded from rain?

And if it does not did you mount it? Is there a way to mount it?

I have it shielded from rain, but in the sun the temp reads way high.

Mine is sat out side on the wall, It’s exposed to the elements (all of them).

And yes when the sun comes up and hits it, I get much higher thermal readings. I’ll move it somewhere at some point so that doesn’t happen so much

Hi, Im wondering If Its possible to use this for monitoring both noise over a given threshold, plus noise under a given threshold?

Use case, If my kid wake up during the night, and If it could run a routine when the noise is so low it starts my good night routine.

Is it also possible to use it with rules in CoRE?