Netatmo strikes again - radiator valves!

I was browsing thru some home automation blogs and saw this:

Please tell me someone here already spoke to Netatmo and had the documentation in their hands to integrate it into smartthings! :grin:

I’m willing to be the guinea pig when it hits stores!

Great news and I hope they are a good price.

I already have the Netatmo Smart Thermostat, so I would be very interested in getting hold of these.

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You have the thermostat too? Have you integrated it with smartthings? If so, how? :innocent:

I can only control the thermostat through IFTTT.

I tried setting it up with Netatmo Connect but it looks like that only supports the weather station.

Anybody else now if it’s possible to integrate it fully with SmartThings ?

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Looks nice. But if I’m reading the site correctly it only works with hot water radiators. I wish the steam radiator thermostat valves that are available in Europe were also available in the US z-wave frequency.

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I’ve been asking for this for the past 2 years… lol!

those look fantastic. wireless with 2year battery life. Amazing for a valve.

The only downside is another stinkin’ hub/relay gadget required.

Hub/relay needed? I’ve not seen anything relayed to that… :hushed:

It looks like there is a relay device that plugs into an outlet and acts as a bridge between these valves and your wifi network. They’re not connecting directly to the network.

If you have your own boiler, then it needs a netatmo thermostat too.

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oh! Right!

LOL! Since I already have the Thermostat with its included relay… I wasn’t looking at that part… yes… there is a relay…

I miss my old house with radiator heat… I find their heat to be so much more cozy than forced air heating. So jealous when I watch British TV and see their efficient super low profile radiators.