On and Off Button with a variable text field!


i’m looking for an option for a button that has a simple and and off but could also have a populated text field ideally. reason being i have my PS4 on a raspberry PI using PS4 Waker and it can turn the ps4 on and off and also tells me what game is playing. this works fine in node red and shows the status and the current title

i have MQTT running so comms aint an issue its more the device that i need to try and understand and only just started really looking at smart things so any help would be great please :smiley:

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Oh this is a great concept! Would love to see this for the XB1S and Fire TV!

I use it to check what my lads playing and making sure he’s on something he should be. Also lets me turn it off when he shouldn’t be lol. Be nice to have on smartthings as my node red only works in the house.


This could be useful to put in times and other commands for different auto alarms that are easy to set. If I get up early for a flight I could have my wake up routine to run at 4:30 not 6:30.