Iris Smart Button device handler help: toggle function wanted

Im new to Smartthing since Iris is shutting down. I got the V3 hub and finally got most of my compatible devices paired and running. Still trying to figure out a few things but getting there! I had read on the forum somewhere in all my reading that the Iris smart button could be added and used with the aid of a device handler. I located 2 that mitch pond had published for use, but wondered how he set them up to operate. I wanted to get them to operate like they did under iris…press to turn on and press to turn off…both device handlers seem to require multiple presses to turn on and to turn off. Any help or insight or if Mr pond is still around would be greatly appreciated! I have never dealt with device handlers before…we did not have those with iris at least not that i was aware of. Thanks for any help!

that shouldn’t require a custom device handler since it’s really the automation doing the actions. Which button do you have? a single button or remote with 4 buttons?

the single button…when i tried it after I got it paired (before I installed the handler) and set up the automations ( one to turn on and one to turn off - per customer service rep i was speaking to tole me that was how I ha to set up).

while I am asking and you are one of the knowledge ones I have noticed on this form :smile:
…is there anywhere on the app (new) that shows history of the individual devices…under the iris app, I could track the history of each device…motion sensors that activated to turn on a light etc when i was not home in case one of my dogs got loose in the house and i would know where to go look for any “surprises” that might have been left. I have not found anywhere there is a listing of each device as it activates… I really liked that feature and used it all the time for various things.

can you post a screen shot of what the page for the button looks like in the new app? The smartthings button has action you can setup right on the device page.

History is in the upper left menu and right now shows for all devices. There has been an update for android that shows history on the device page, but it hasn’t hit iOS yet.

Thank you for that info! I am an iOS user!

What screen are you needing to see…i will send anything you need to see! lol

This screen

sorry that took a minute! could get to cooperate on laptop!

if you tap the Pressed entry you should be able to choose control a device, pick the device, tap the device again and then choose switch power state


i just saw the pressed, double tap and held functions…that is new to me…iris did not have that …i set up press to turn on and hold to turn off…got it to working…i sett he device back to the original type instead of the device handler also. Thank you os much for your help! It has been a bit of learning curve coming over…thanks for you help and patience!

i just changed to what you suggested! words even better! like i was used to! And i won’t have to listen to my husband whine about it being different! Thank you!! life saver!!


This is always a win!