Connect PS4

Does anyone have a way to control PS4 turning on

basically i would want

push widget button on phone
turns on PS4
turns on TV
turns on soundbar
Turns on HUE (certain color)

all potentially using, ST hub, tasker/IFTT etc

Logitech Harmony hub - integrated with SmartThings???


I have a PS3 integrated via Harmony hub (~$70 refurbished on ebay) doing almost exactly what you are looking for.

  • press widget button
  • widget triggers “PS4” routine
    • turn on PS4 Harmony activity (includes turing on PS4, TV, Soundbar)
    • Smart Lighting app: “When PS4 activity is turned on, turn on hue and set color”

is there a difference between hub & ultilmate hub?

there are 2 versions on there site and one says control PS the other says smart home connect.

If I’m right the ultimate Hub cannot turn on the PS4 that can only be done by a controller and is locked by Sony.

However the Harmony Activity can turn on the related AV hardware and constrol some aspects of the PS4 by Bluetooth after that

Harmony experience with PlayStation 4

Sony does not permit any remote other than their game controller to power on this game console. Please first turn on your PlayStation using the game controller before launching your Play Game Activity using Harmony. Once powered on, Harmony will automatically Bluetooth connect and enable device control.

im sure my TV cec turns on my ps4. i will have a look

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Have a look at PS4-Waker it sounds like what you are looking for.

Were you able to get this going?

I was able to run ps4-waker on my raspberry pi, but then how to trigger it from smartthings?

Man I would kill to be able to turn on/off my TV and PS4 with GH

If you’ve got a Harmony Hub, you can use IFTTT (what I currently have set up) or you could use the Shortcuts option in Google Home (what I’ll probably switch to, eliminate the middleman) to simplify the request to Harmony.

The one thing IFTTT seems to have that you can’t do with the Google Home Harmony app (that I’ve found) is use one command to end whatever activity you currently have running. I can use one command to end my TV, chromecast, or PS4 activities via IFTTT.