Old Hub firmware on boarding


I purchsased a v3 Wifi Hub which is brand new in box, i onboarded the wifi hub as a new location to be able to check functionality as a standalone device and a dev platform, wifi - zigbee - zwave. All seem to be good but the device fimrware version is 000.032.00012. It has been online for 3 days now and not picking up a new firmware.

Will this have been dropped by Smartthings now as being too old and not able to deploy new firmware?

Is there a way to incrementally update manually so Smartthings is able to update OTA?

thanks for the assist


I’m thinking now, i think i should remove one other pod from my mesh and on board it as another site to see if it actually is updating OTA if its role is only as a wifi mesh device.

my suspicion was wrong… i removed a mesh pod and onboarded as another location and it does appear that it is updated to ver 000.046.00010

although zigbee appears * State: Not detected, but that’s a prolem for another time