Old, deleted routines still running?

The very first routine I made “test”, turned on a light when “things started happening” (Sensor). I have since deleted “test” automation. In fact, I deleted every automation and routine I could find. I have hooked up many more sensors, and hooked up the switch to an alarm. Unfortunately, every morning at 6:45 AM, smart things " performed test as I requested" Now that I think of it, this was originally created under the "lights and switches and "marketplace.

I cannot get rid of “test”… I am new at this. Any advice?


Look in IDE and see if you can seek and destroy this app/routine…

My Locations / List Smartapps

If no luck put in a ticket to support…


Thanks so much. I was unaware of the online IDE. I logged on, found the “hidden” smartapps, and deleted the “test” one that was not showing up on the app.

It took me a while to find the “edit” button at the top of the banner to figure out how to kill it.

I also found a few others that didn’t fall off when removed.

Thanks again.