Old app and new app problems

Hi there,

I’ve been using both app previously without any problems and everything have been smooth but just the other day I deleted a few devices and rooms in the new app and now most if not everything is broken.

In the new app I cant make any newly created rooms visible, they appear when I create them and disappear after I shut the app down and re-enter. Figured it had to do with it having no devices so I tried moving one device to a newly created room but it keeps giving me an error… so I tried with the old app, it works great there.

Create room, add devices everything works. So I go into the new app and the newly added room and device doesn’t show.

What’s going on? They have always communicated with eachother before and I’ve always been able to add rooms / devices in the new app.

Any help so I can fix this issue? I got lots of devices to add.

Thank you kindly.

Possible they are hidden for you. On the main page of the new app, click on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and choose Edit. On the next screen, you should see a list of all rooms. If the room has check mark in blue to the left of the name then it is unhidden. If there is no check mark, then the room is hidden from the main page.

Further, if you click on > to the right of the room name, you will see all the devices listed in that room and you can choose which are hidden or shown on the main page.

You can also sort the rooms from the Edit screen.

This part I can not explain. You may want to contact ST support and inquire. You can contact them through the app. Go to the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select Help.

The new rooms doesn’t display there, nor does the new devices. If it only were that easy huh…

Thank you for helping me troubleshoot, unfortunately I’ve already went there and checked.

Try turning off device health in the Classic app to see if that has any effect.

Thanks for helping out, I ended up with hub reset.
Nothing seemed to work, atleast now it works.

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