Missing Rooms in "New" ST App

I’ve been a user and community lurker for some time. I’m comfortable with the system and installed a few items from the IDE and such but I’m not a power user. I’ve avoided the new app, but over the last few months found the process of adding new devices is actually better in the new app so I’ve been switching back and forth more. I have a number of devices and rooms setup in the classic app (btw, both are on a Samsung android phone). The new app sees all of the devices (and, when adding a new device, populates the pulldown menu with my rooms). But, when I go to the sandwich menu and select “rooms”, i get an animation of a guy opening a door and am asked to add a new room (ie none of my already setup rooms of devices are there). I have no idea how long it’s been like this. I called support, and after waiting on hold, I was told that it was strange but there was nothing they could do. The tech suggested I add the rooms again, which makes no sense to me since both apps can find them when I add a new device. I was given a ticket number but told not to expect any follow-up. I thought I’d ask here if there is a way to “fix” this before I add all the rooms and reassign all the devices. TIA

I’d forgotten about the Rooms button until I read your message and was playing around with reordering while trying to remember why I found having the rooms in reverse alphabetical order was the path of least resistance at the time (all I remember is that the app was using reverse alphabetical order for something). Suddenly every time I clicked in a room I got a white screen and every time I used the Rooms button I was told I didn’t have any rooms when clearly I did.

In my case it was the internet having a melt down for a few minutes. It seems like the Rooms button is pulling its list fresh from the cloud and instead of hanging like other parts of the app, it fails elegantly and quickly. Unfortunately it doesn’t admit that it failed and just says there are no rooms.

That probably doesn’t help you apart from reinforcing what I think you already know- the Rooms button can be misleading.

Update: If you wipe the data from the Android app, the dashboard displays the rooms in reverse alphabetical order. The Rooms page keeps its ordering. That is what I was trying to remember.

Do they show on your dashboard or are they only missing from the rooms section?

Go to menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen), select devices, find your hub and open it. Then click on More options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose Edit. See if your hub is assigned to a room, if not choose a room and Save. Go back to the dashboard and/or Rooms and check if your rooms show up.

If not, click More options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose Edit. Check that your rooms are all selected with the check mark to the left of the room name and Save. You can also change the order of the room names from Edit. Then check the dashboard again but would not have any effect on the rooms section.

Thanks jkp. I’ve gone to the devices and assigned (really, reassigned) my hub to a room and saved. If by dashboard you mean the big blank screen presented at start up, I don’t have anything there. When I go to the more options (3 dots on the upper right) from the home screen, i dont get anything, just a blank screen with a save and cancel at the bottom as you see below.

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@Scooby8199 I re-synced your rooms/location. Are you able to see your rooms in the new app now?

Brad, thanks for takimg a looking. After you re-synced that app repeatedly crashed. I cleared cache and force stopped it. It now loads but no rooms shown under rooms in the sandwich menu.

Alright - 2nd attempt. Can you check if you’re still missing your rooms? Thanks!

@Brad_ST still the same. Also cleared cache and force stopped app and checked again just to be sure. Thanks for checking into this, appreciate it.