Devices missing from new SmartThings app

I have two devices that are shown in the SmartThings Classic app, and in the SmartThings IDE website, but do not appear in the new SmartThings app. I have other devices of the same type that appear in both apps, so am a little confused as to why these two do not appear.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Two things to try…

  • open the device in the ST Classic app, click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and save. Open new app and refresh the screen and check if the devices show.

  • contact ST support and ask them to sync up your devices between the apps

Third thing to try:

Be sure the device isn’t hidden.

It’s possible to set a device so it doesn’t appear on the home screen of the new app. If you open the individual room screen, the device may be there.

Mechanism for doing this is now to touch and hold the device icon. Pop up menu will have the option to hide if you’re on the home screen or to show off you’re on a room and the device was previously hidden.

Is that in the new or old SmartThings app?

In the new app, these devices are not listed in the “All devices” section. I can’t see if there is a “hidden devices” list, or how I would un-hide them.

New app.

Just go to the menu > devices and look there. Nothing is hidden there.

Done that, they’re not listed.

Contact ST support and see if they can sync the devices to the new app for you :slight_smile:

@Philip_Street1, actually you might have already proved this. (Unless it is not some kind of child device.)

I’ve managed to exclude / include one device (the Fibaro Dimmer) successfully, so it now appears in the new app. I’m having trouble excluding the other device, which is a Fibaro Double Relay; the exclusion process is to toggle the switch 3 times, but that doesn’t appear to be working so I may have to access the device directly behind the face-plate.

I also need to exclude another Fibaro Dimmer device, which is much closer to the controller, but the exclusion process is not working with that device either.

It is shame I cannot reset the device remotely (via the controller) such that I can then include it again, rather than having to follow a physical process on the device itself.


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So I just had a strange thing that’s similar. A light switch was showing up in the classic app but not in the new one but it was working via voice control and Alexa. Then it stopped working with voice control. Then I finally clicked on the migrate suggestion on the old app and it appeared and was working in the new app but not with voice control. So I went into the Alexa app and deleted it from my devices then when I told Alexa to discover devices it wasn’t discovered but it works with voice control now…:thinking: