OK, downloaded Obything. Now how do you use it?

I finally got it working. Seems it was a problem with my netgear wifi router. After I changed to the Apple time capsule router everything worked fine.

Oh, that’s interesting. Good to know. Thanks.

New Problem, possibly related to iTunes update?, trying to modify any SmartApp that has the ability to select individual Airplay speakers crashes the Smartthings mobile app

Thanks for the info @bachter. I’ll look into it. Are you using the SmartThings app on iOS or Android?

Brice, I’m using the iOS version of the SmartApp

Ok. Its definitely not a common problem; many others are using the iOS app as well. Can you see anything in the SmartThings logs when this happens? https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs


I got everything working, but when it does a custom alert, it plays everything in the playlist.

i.e. if “There is motion at the front door” and the current weather has been triggered, if a new alert happens
i.e. “The garage door is open” then it plays the other two audio files right after.

Is that a itunes thing? Or is there something I need adjust in the smartapp?

Another user has also reported this. I am currently looking into it. I’ll let you know when we find and fix the issue.

I started having the same problem when iTunes updated itself.

Same here, updated iTunes and the playlist plays after notification. Worked fine before the iTunes update.

I’m having the same problem as the last 2 posts. Event triggers the notification in itunes then it continues to play the playlist. Also at that point I can’t seem to control itunes through the smartthings app. I have to go into itunes and press the pause button to stop it. Then it plays through any notifications that were missed.

We are working on a fix for these issues caused by recent iTunes updates. There are some limitations to what Apple has exposed to third parties, but I think I can make it work by using a playlist. I’ll have an update waiting for Apple’s approval by the end of this weekend.

ObyThing Music v1.2 has been submitted to Apple. The issues mentioned above, where iTunes will keep playing other sounds after the one it is supposed to should be fixed. We also added support for the “Tone” capability, which has a ‘beep’ command to play a quick little notification sound. My thought is to use this to chime when doors are opened, much like security systems do, but I’m sure you all will come up with other good ideas for it too!

The device type, device manager SmartApp, and the useful SmartApps (Notify with Sound, Mood Music, and Weather Forecast) are all updated on GitHub, but you’ll want to wait for the update to the Mac update to use these.

EDIT: Also, the problems with text to speech are not specific to ObyThing, but all apps that use this functionality. It is a known issue and maybe close to being fixed (3 days ago on another thread):

Questions for those using ObyThing -
I changed the name of my speakers as I needed to move them around the house. (Office setup is now in the Dining Room). I changed the name of the speakers in Airport utility, and iTunes/iOS devices sees them with he new names but the old names are stuck in Smartthings/Obything. How can I get obything to recognize the new name.

Maybe related: i could not uninstall (either in app or in IDE) the base Obything Music Manager. I was trying to uninstall and start all over in hopes the new names would be found. A red bar with “An unexpected Error has occurred” showed up. this is on iOS.

Lastly - is Text to Speech now functional in the obything notify with sound app now that it is functional in other areas of the smartthings ecosystem?

Edit/ partially Solved:I had a smartapp referencing the obything app which was preventing me from uninstalling. I was able to uninstall and re-install and this solved my naming problem.

I got the TTS notification to work however i cannot go in and edit it now. There was “an error saving the page” but then the notify with sound smartapp allowed me to get out of the page and now i cannot get back into it.

You can open your ObyThing Music device in the SmartThings app and tap the refresh tile. That should do it.

Glad you were able to get the reinstall to work. I’m not sure what’s going on with the SmartApp. Do you see anything show up in live logging ( https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs )?

Thanks for the reply -
Nothing in live logging.

When i tap the SmartApp (“ObyThing Notify with Sound”) I get the usual ST circle loading icon but nothing happens.

I’m very happy to see this thread is active! I stumbled upon ObyThing and it’s really just what I was looking for. I’m not sure, though if we can or cannot select specific AirPlay speakers from the Music Manager app. I’ve installed this SmartApp: https://github.com/obycode/obything/blob/master/ObyThingMusicManager.groovy and this Device Type: https://github.com/obycode/obything/blob/master/ObyThingMusic.groovy. Are those the correct versions? If so, is there a way to choose specific AirPlay devices?

Considering the terrible reviews for this in the iTunes store, can anyone confirm that ObyThing Music currently works?

I just installed it today and it’s working nicely.

Hub V1 or V2?

Can someone confirm it works with V1?