OK, downloaded Obything. Now how do you use it?

I downloaded and set up the Obything.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to use it.

So my questions are:

  • How do I make it play a specific track from my iTunes based on a trigger?
  • How do I make it say whatever I want?
  • What are some creative uses for Airplay integration with triggers and Smartthings? I can’t think of any right now

Wow, no one has downloaded this?


Maybe try tagging the author: @obycode or others. There are some common pitfalls in setup.

To answer most of your questions you use the SmartApps designed for SONOS. They are available in app. Just search Sonos in SmartSetup (big plus button at the bottom of your dashboards screen)

Thanks for tagging me @Ben. @iHavequestions, you can take a look at the FAQ page on our site (http://obything.obycode.com/faq/) for a quick description of the apps and how to use them. I plan on making a demo video to show this in the next couple of hours, so I’ll post back here once that is posted. Let me know if you have any other questions.

@iHavequestions, the demo video is now posted - http://obything.obycode.com/faq/. Take a look and let me know if you still have questions. Thanks.

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Thanks for the video. I followed step by step and created playlists for one sound effects clip each to trigger off of light switches as a test. No success so far.

Hi @iHavequestions. Sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t have the notifications set right for this thread, so I missed your reply until now. Give me a little more info about your status? Does anything work? Can you open the device under “Things” in your SmartThings app and pause or skip to the next track?

Are you running any firewalls on the Mac? If so, you will need to open up the port for ObyThing Music (55701).

Yup. It plays when you use it from the Things screen. But when I set the trigger from the Music menu and to trigger off the lights turning on and off (Obything selected, and playlist in iTunes selected) , the sound just doesn’t come on.

whoops. Just updated to the newest iTunes to give that a shot, now nothing works.

Hmmm… is anyone else experiencing these issues? We are not seeing any issues here. Is your SmartThings hub updated to the latest version?

I’ll uninstall everything tonight and try to redo all of the settings. Will update this thread again later.

I keep having issues with this program as well. Have uninstalled and reinstalled mulitple times and it just does not seem to work. Running 10.10.2

This product was just a waste of money. Doesn’t work as advertised.

Hi @iHavequestions and @fightingmajor. I’d love to help you both get ObyThing working correctly. I assure you that many of us are happily using ObyThing Music. Please, give me some more information about the problems you are seeing so I can help you. As I’ve mentioned on here before and on the obycode.com website, there are some features (selecting speakers) that will only work with the self-installed version of the device and smartapps from our github page - https://github.com/obycode/obything (see this page for some help - http://obything.obycode.com/developer-setup/). Unfortunately, the version published by SmartThings is outdated because they have MAJOR delays with approving updates, so for now, we are stuck with self-installing for the latest features.

I have deleted everything from my smartthings app and followed the steps above. I still am unable to control my itunes or get anything to work properly.

@fightingmajor, what do you see in the “Live Logging” in the SmartThings IDE when you initially setup ObyThing and/or when you try a command?

Oddly enough it started working again. Only thing I have done was reboot my computer. Do you think it has anything to do with switching users on my mac? Or is there a particular order or starting up obythings on the mac and then starting itunes or vice versa?

How to you pick certain tracks to play?

Glad it worked. No there shouldn’t be any special order. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to start iTunes at all, it will start it for you if its not running. ObyThing Music pulls your playlists from iTunes in to a list. The apps such as “Mood Music” or “Notify with Sound” allow you to select a playlist from this list. If you want to just play one specific track, you can just add it to a playlist by itself (where it says “Play this track”). After adding new playlists, you may need to hit refresh in the device page.

When I go to choose it to play just one specific song, my only options to choose from is just Music. There are no individual songs to choose and I have playlists inside of itunes.