OK, downloaded Obything. Now how do you use it?

I’ve used it on both V1 and V2, no issues.
There really isn’t a big difference between the 2.

I’m still on v1. I didn’t see a benefit to upgrading the hardware.

The app works great. The negative reviews are from people who don’t understand the app. My thanks to the obythings developer.


New to SmartThings community, so I hope I am asking in the right place.

I currently have ObyThings setup for the “Speaker Notify with Sound”. I went into the configuration, set it so when a door sensor is opened, it plays the sound “A Door Open”. I also tried other sounds from the list. When the action is triggered, iTunes is opened and I receive a notification that “a+door+opened.mp3” is playing, but no sound actually plays out. If I open iTunes and watch the action get triggered, the file opens really quickly and then goes away, doesn’t actually play. But if I double click on the audio file in iTunes, it plays. It only does not play when it is triggered from SmartThings. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything and still no luck. I turned my firewall off and made sure both my SmartThings and Mac were on the same network.

I am running MacOSX 10.11.4 and iTunes 12.3. Not sure if there is something I am doing wrong or if anyone has any suggestions or more of a detailed guide of setting it up.

I’ve never seen that issue. Are you using the published SmartApp and Device Type or the self-installed versions from GitHub? You may want to try those, as the published ones are out-dated. When you use those, we’ve also got our own version of Notify with Sound which will let you also choose which AirPlay speakers you’d like to play the sound on.

Okay, I will give the GitHub code a try. I have no issue with ObyThings controlling my iTunes pause/play, volume and etc from within SmartThings. The only issue is just with the sound files not playing when triggered, so I wonder if it is an issue with the “Speaker Notify with Sound” which I also selected from the SmartThings published apps.

I will give it a try and update once I run some tests. Thanks!

I certainly do not see the ability to pick a specific speaker when setting this up. do you have screen shots?


I’m getting the following message when trying to download ObyThing. Has this been discontinued or what am I missing?

“The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”

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sub’d… incase there are any updates to this thread from @obycode for the new release.