OK, downloaded Obything. Now how do you use it?

You won’t be able to see individual songs, but you should see the playlists. Trying going to the device page in “Things” and hitting the refresh button.

Thanks, that seemed to work for now.

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QUESTION for ObyCode.

First I really wanted to thank you for spending the time to create this. I made sure I bought the app on day on to help support this project, even though I knew I wouldn’t be getting around to set it up until now.

SO i followed your developer install instructions and I can pause/play, trigger music from action, and specify a playlists, which is super.

What I cannot do is specify which speakers will play over airplay. I can setup airplay from iTunes, of course, but when obythings gets triggered it will just play from wherever it was set last.

Am I wrong in thinking that ObyThings has this functionality yet? I feel like I am seeing it in the code: command “chooseSpeakers”, [“string”]

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Edit: Looks like I jumped the gun a little bit as I cannot get it to trigger iTunes to play either (sonos mood)

any help would be greatly appreciated .

Hi Philip. I replied this morning to your mail about this subject. We’ll follow up via email, then if there is anything we discover that is relevant for everyone, we can post it here. Thanks!

Mine stopped working again. No clue what causes it to stop working sometimes.

Has your IP address changed? The connection with SmartThings must hardcode the IP address at install time, so if your IP changes, then you will need to reinstall it.

The IP address did change. So I went in and changed the ip address to match it. So you are saying I need to uninstall it in the smartthings apps and then reinstall? If so then I guess I have to uninstall all of the rules as well and redo them too?

Yeah, unfortunately, changing the IP address does not seem to work. This is a known issue that we are working on resolving.

I have somehow lost the Airplay functionality in ObyThing. I had it working, added an additional Airplay device, didn’t see the new device in the speaker selection list so I deleted everything and reinstalled…six times. I can’t figure out how to get the Airplay selection functionality back. Without this capability, I have very little use for the app. When I had it working, had iTunes visible on my MAC, I could see ObyThing interact with Airplay as events were triggered. I no longer see any of that even though, like Philip, it will play music on whatever Airplay speakers I currently have selected in iTunes.

@obycode I just purchased the app and installed it, but it doesn’t work. I have followed the video instructions and entered the IP into the app but it’s not controlling the iTunes. What do you suggest I do?

Are you sure you’re reinstalling with the custom version of the code, and not the SmartThings released version? Only the self-installed version has these AirPlay speaker options.

The update we are working on will help resolve these issues.

Here are some common solutions that have worked for users with issues:

  • Restart Mac
  • Restart Router
  • Uninstall/reinstall SmartApp
  • Restart SmartThings hub
  • Ensure that all firewalls are disabled
  • Ensure that no VPN is enabled
  • Ensure that the SmartThings hub has the latest firmware

I’ve been reinstalling ObyThingMusic.groovy, then ObyThingMusicSmartApp.groovy from https://github.com/obycode/obything. Is that incorrect?

You need to publish the Device Type, “ObyThingMusic.groovy”, the helper SmartApp, “ObyThingMusicSmartApp.groovy”, and then whatever SmartApps you want to use (i.e. “NotifyWithSound.groovy”, “WeatherForecast.groovy”, etc.). Then install from the SmartThings app (SmartSetup -> My Apps -> ObyThing Music SmartApp).

No luck. I followed your instructions to the “t” and I still can’t see any Airplay speakers to choose from.

Did you install the Obycode Notify With Sound app? It won’t work with the ST Sonos apps.

Really because I used the Sonos notify with sound and my stuff is working fine. Should I used the one you posted above instead?

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are saying here.

It works with Sonos Notify With Sound but that will not support selecting which AirPlay speakers to use - in order to get that functionality you have to use obycode’s custom smartapp code above.

Good to know. I don’t have any additional airplay speakers at the moment.

Yes, multiple times. I’m only installing the code from ObyThing git.hub

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the Obything app on my MAC, deleted the Smartthings Obything device and Smartapp; reinstalled all of those and when I configured: Voila, the Airplay speaker list was available again.