Oh No! Something Went Wrong! -- Device list not accessible

Hoping someone can provide some ideas how to fix my problem. I currently have a ticket open with ST support but it’s been a week now with no response so I’m not holding my breath. The problem I’m having is the device list will not populate in the classic app, although devices will list in a room. From the new connect app, I can see most devices and interact with them, but add automation function throws up a network error. From the IDE portal, my location lists fine but when I enter the HUB page, I get an error 500 not found…and the same with the device list. Smart apps and DTHs list just fine. The really weird thing is, although I can’t login to my webcore at the moment, the pistons are still running. Actiontiles does not function at the moment but Google Home does. Any ideas how to fix this before I reset the hub and start over? I’m reluctant because I haven’t backed up my webcore pistons so all would be lost I’m afraid.

Problem that more and more users are reporting. Mines have been out for months with no fix in site. May I ask how many devices you have?

Well that doesn’t sound good. I probably have about 20 physical devices, and probably 10 more virtual devices. Sucks we can’t add new or rename existing…I can’t go for months like this! lol

I had this happen with a bad device handler
Try to remember the last thing you added and change the device handler for that device

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tmleafs…I actually attempted to remove the last DTH I entered but I can’t because it’s already tied to a device. FYI…it was the VLC Thing and it actually still works and pushs audio to a laptop.

Yea as you cant get the the devices IDE page the only thing I can thing of is to temporary change the code for the VLC thing DH to something very basic and see if you get access back and go from there

I had the same issue. In my case adding a new device cleared things up. But I do realize that has not worked for others.

I reported it to ST Support. Never got anything beyond ‘we’re working on it.’

I have been suspecting this for a while now. I occasionally get the error when listing all devices but trying a few times usually gets me the list. However, when trying to load the devices in the Scenes tab, I get that error 100% of the time. I was told it was a timeout issue due to the number of devices however I always suspected it was due to some faulty DTH. Or… when re-building up post v3 migration I started creating many more virtual devices that I had before on v2. Could it be the number of virtual devices?

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I have 213 devices, at a guess around 60 virtual if not more

I’m seeing the same problem. Cant see my devices (thinks) in the APP and can’t get to “My Devices” or “My Hubs” in the IDE. I’m sure its associated with adding a DH for one of the Lowes IRIS keypads, but nothing I can do about it now. Alexa can’t see my devices any more, and my webcore automation is being delayed strangely (about 30 seconds). I have two tickets opened with Samsung who is investigating.

@immobious seems to be going around this week. you might check this thread: