Everything just kinda slowly stops working

I’m really getting disappointed with Smart Things lately. It seems like every 3 or so months, it’s ability to control my Hue and WeMo stuff starts fading. And I’m getting tired of reinstalling all my stuff and reconfiguring it.

Like now it’ll sorta occasionally control things manually. It sorta almost always partly works with geofenced rules, or partially with Hello settings. But attempts to manually issue commands directly to things just fails. But if I remove everything and reinstall, it’ll work great for a while, before sliding back into fail again.

It’s gotten so bad I’ve started using each set of devices own apps because I’m just not in the mood to reconfigure the Smart Things AGAIN.

Does this thing work consistently for anyone? I’m going to go as far as saying the WeMo app is more reliable at this point. That’s saying something. And it’s not good.

What is support@smartthings.com saying? Have you filed support requests for every instance of the failure? Yes, I guess we all experience periodic failures, but unless each and every one of us report each and every failure to support, things will never improve.

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And I wish they would be a little more open about it. Clearly something got fixed about a week ago for Wemos but when I contacted support they went through the usual checklist ensuring I knew what I was doing.

ST! We don’t care if you find problems, just let us know when you fix them so we can stop thinking we’re crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, I did end up contacting support as you said. And the response I got was disappointing. It was basically what I have to do when this happens (delete everything and start over, which is part of the problem I’m having right now, I can’t delete things, I’ve got duplicate WeMo objects in the Labs somehow and the app is confused and won’t let me remove them). Followed by: “As a disclaimer, I should mention that we have had many reports of issues with the Wemo
integration. Infelicities like this are the reason that Wemo is still in our SmartThings Labs offerings.”

I bought this hub to fix multi-vendor issues, but it hasn’t been that good, and I feel like support just kinda shrugged at me. So, I don’t know. I get angry whenever I think about this, it’s hard not to start f bombing when I talk about it. My solution in the future will likely be to move to Z-Wave. But I wonder how good the generic Z-Wave will bem since they have their own line of stuff to sell, especially now that Samsung is their master. I thought that was going to be a good thing, but I’m having second thoughts about that now.