Odd Behavior Devices, App, & IDE

Not sure if this is the right place to post but didn’t seem to fit any more specific category. Started with my posting about a mono price z-wave switch that seemed to have fallen off the network and I had to reset and add a few times. Then I discovered it hadn’t fallen off but rather the UI in the app was not updating but in fact the commands were going through. I even saw one case where the device in the device list was showing correct status, but if you drilled in to the device, the status there was incorrect. I also noticed that the app history was not recording the events even though the device was responding to on/off commands.I had not had this problem with any other device so assumed it was the single outlet.

Then this morning while no one was home I started to get motion alerts all over the house. Seemed like a dog (which we don’t have) was running up and down the stairs and all over the house. Confirmed my wife was not home and she did not know of anyone there (hopes that correct as we might be getting robbed). I used Simple Device Viewer to look at the last reported events and saw, and continue to see, sporadic motion reported all over the house. I checked the event history in the ST app for several of these and nothing is recorded except for well before this started at times that make sense based on being home this morning. I have CoRE doing my motion alerts and Simple Device Viewer showing the last reported event so both of these apps are seeing the events. I looked in the ST app event history for several of these motion devices and none of the events are shown. I did try flipping some lights on and off and can see these events showing in the event history. So I brought up the IDE and opened live logging. In the last 35 minutes it has not recorded a single event. Not one of the seemingly false positive motion, me flipping switches, or anything else.

Now that I realized it feels like something bigger is afoot I also remembered that over the past several days there seem to have been a lot more delays on motion trigger lights or flat out failing to trigger. I have tried z-wave repair, rebooting, and lots of unplug and reset of the specific device I mentioned first. Any suggestions, others with a similar issue, or is this something I just take to support? When it was one non certified device I thought I would just have to deal with it, but now that the whole network seems to have gone crazy I have no issue bringing to support.

Myself and a friend are both seeing very strange behavior with the Android SmartThings app not updating status (staying stuck in a particular status) since the latest update a few days ago. Have to exit out of the current menu and go back in again and then it seems fine. Anyone know the best place to report this and try to get everyone to report as well.

I reported this whole post to support under ticket 352761, although it probably makes sense for you to open another one since you have a specific issue (status in app) whereas mine covers a whole bunch of issues (status included). Had a few exchanges with support but really not getting anywhere yet. They mostly blew off the status question since its a monoprice device, which I kind of get since its not supported, and have focused on the lag and no response. They have not responded to my statements that live logging is showing nothing much of the time, and when it does, its inconsistent which devices it shows. Yesterday evening I was able to show 3 devices consistently showing up in the log and status updates in the app. I then was able to show 2 others that showed nothing in the log but were updating in the app. As of now I can’t get anything to show in my log. Pretty certain each time I am on the right server.