Failure to display switch status

(Micheal ) #1

Since yesterday (I hesitate to call it a result of the app update) see switches that DO execute and turn on and off, but fail to display correct status in either the log or the recent history of the app? This is critical to certain things happening with specific apps that key off of the ‘on’ or ‘off’ status of a switch.

I doubt it is just me as I have two locations, two different hubs, and the behavior is the same between them. It SEEMS to be more prevalent with Zigbee devices, but can’t be 100% sure.


Some other people, but not all, are seeing the same thing. Report it to they need to look into it individually.

(Micheal ) #3

Ok,…misery loves company and I am glad it isn’t just me.

(Eric) #4

filed my first ticket - 1 out of 3 presence sensors, fridge and freezer temps, power monitor ceased updating at 420 and 740 EDT.

You might be right about zigbee issues but the fridge power monitor/switch is zwave.

(Brandon) #5

@MichaelS I have a few ZWave light switches doing just this. They show on when they are off, but still can be controlled fine. When they are showing on, but off, a SmartApp won’t turn them on if it thinks they are already on is the main problem.

(Ryan) #6

Just heard back from support that they are aware of the issue of device reporting and are pushing out a fix soon.

(Craig) #7

Mine started working again about 30 minutes ago.

(Dick) #8

Same issue with me earlier today.

(Ryan) #9

i manually updated all my devices, as per the ‘iOS 2.0 Discussion’ thread and got everything but one switch back. Just like it never happened.