[OBSOLETE] Zooz Zen22 v2 Dimmer

I just installed this dimmer and I am very pleased with the results. I can’t wait for SmartThings to start accepting code for local operation again. However, the latest version of the Zooz code works great.

I never did much in the way of home improvement before I got a SmartThings hub. Never even changed a light switch. The level of detail in the product manual (plus YouTube for the electrical basics) made it easy for a beginner like me. The screw terminals were not particularly difficult to set up. My switch box was a little cramped for a dimmer and a fan switch, but I managed.

The fast ramping and precise dimming of this switch are excellent features. I use it with three 1540-lumen dimmable A19 LED bulbs, and my living room (even with a tall ceiling) gets BRIGHT on max settings.


I temporarily added in the mmnm and vid for this handler. For the moment, all they do is allow you to see and turn it on/off in new SmartThings Connect app. Device settings are unavailable until they finish baking this stuff and actually publish something.


I’m curious how these devices have held up over time as anyone had any problems with them. Just curious before I order a bunch tonight.

FWIW, I’ve had the original Zen22 running since January of 2017 in one of the most used rooms in our house and had no problems whatsoever. I have no reason to believe the newer model, or even the very latest, the zen27, would be any less reliable.

And, if you’re curious, here’s a little info about the difference in the 22 and 27… http://www.support.getzooz.com/kb/article/151-zen22-ver-20-vs-zen27-whats-the-difference/


Thx. That link was helpful. I just ordered a bunch of switches.

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I am unable to control the dimmer.

I successfully added the device (although it took a lot more than 3 taps of the upper paddle) but I cannot actually control it.

Any help?

I had a similar issue once, I turned off the breaker feeding the switch and waited a little bit and turned on the breaker. That resolved my problem.

Thanks for the reply. I tried running the zwave repair (which failed, twice) and then just before I went to bed it started working. Weird

Is there a way to modify this so that when the light is turned on that it goes to 100% by default?

You could do that easily with a Smart Lights automation

That is a great idea that I had not thought of. I set up he routine and noticed a few issues. One thing I would like to maintain is long pressing down on on the switch turns on the lights at minimum brightness. With the smart lightng routine the lights always jump to 100%. I also do not care for the delay for the lights changing to 100% brightness. It’s possible that what I want cannot be handled by a handler and would require different firmware.

Any thoughts?

Do you mean if the switch is off, you’d like to turn the light on at minimum brightness by long-pressing the LOWER paddle? You can turn the dimmer on to minimum brightness by long pressing the UPPER paddle when the switch is off now. It’s basically like setting the brightness from 0 to whichever level you’d like. Depending on what type of bulbs you’re using, that level may be anywhere between 5 and 15%.

This can be addressed by a firmware update, depending on which version you have now, the latest firmware (3.0) may allow you to adjust the ramp rate fully (on ver. 3.0 the default setting is also instant on already). Feel free to get in touch with Zooz support and request more details about the firmware update: http://www.support.getzooz.com/new

I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

I would like an option in the switch where when you click the paddle up once, the light turns on at 100% brightness regardless of the previous brightness when the light was last turned off.

Currently with the Zen22 2.0 switches If the light is off, and I long press down, the light turns on at min brightness. I like this.

Currently with the Zen22 2.0 switches: If the light is off, and I long press up, the light turns on at max brightness. I like this.

Currently with the Zen22 2.0 switches: If the light is off, and I press the up (normal on click), the light turns on at the last brightness level. So if when I turned the light off, it was at 50%, when I turn it on, it will be at 50%. This makes sense, but it would be nice if there was a feature where when I tapped up, the lights would turn on at 100% regardless of the light level previously. This is the situation I run into. In the evening I tend to dim the lights when I using them, then turn them off when I go to bed. In the morning when I turn them on I tend to want them at max brightness so I either need to double tap or long tap. I would prefer to single tab. I understand that not all people would want this, hence making it an option.

I figured out a better way to describe/implement what I am looking for.

When the light switch is turned off, then the brightness level is set to 100. That way the next time it is turned on it is 100 regardless of what it was when turned off.

It seems like this could be implemented in the handler as an option.

Thanks for clarifying Glenn, we’ll definitely look into adding this setting as an option for the future versions!