Zooz ZEN22 2.0 z-wave plus dimmer switch- initial review

I picked up this dimmer switch during @TheSmartestHouse Labor Day sale. The main draw to me was the ability for this switch to work in a 3-way configuration without an accessory switch. This means I was able to complete a 3-way setup for a hair over $25! This is less than half of what it would take with a comparable GE z-wave setup. Anyway, here’s my impressions.

The device itself comes nicely packaged and includes a neutral wire jumper. This switch does require a neutral wire in the switch box. No other rocker colors are included, but I always found them to be a waste anyway. The rocker itself also comes with a protective film, which is a nice touch so it doesn’t get banged up while installing.

Size wise, I’d say it’s exactly the same as a GE switch. It’s also similar in that it has tabs you break off for multi switch boxes.

The instructions included are VERY good. I was impressed with the two full page wiring diagrams that were included.

Here are some install pictures, focusing on the part that uses the existing switch since it’s unique. The 3-way configuration I was replacing was option 2 from their wiring diagrams. Pretty straight forward with their included wiring diagram.

Here’s the final product, and here’s lies my two minor criticisms. The color is a touch whiter than the GE switch on the left and dump switch on the right. Also, I find the Zooz logo on the rocker a bit cheesy. I may try to take some rubbing alcohol to it and remove it.

The switch paired quickly with the device handler here. If you contact The Smartest House, this is the handler they will send you to. The handler includes options for the led indicator. I’ll post some separate feedback on the handler in that thread.

The mechanism of the switch itself is similar to the GE, maybe slightly less “clicky”. With this dimmer model, manual dimming can only be done at the master switch. The dumb switch functions as on/off only, which I feel is fine. I find in real life use when I want to dim my GE dimmers I either use Alexa or automations.

In summary, I’m very happy with this Zooz dinner switch. I think it is a great solution to add smarts to the previously high cost 3-way switch setup. They also have an on/off model and toggle models that work in 3-way setups with the existing dumb switch. I’ll definitely keep these Zooz switches in mind in the future.


Hi @Automated_House,

Where can I get the Device Handler for this switch?

Did you read his post ??


Thank you @Automated_House,

I have purchased one just now. Will try it out on my 3-way setup.

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Ok, so I have a dimmer (toggle plus small slider) in my dining room and it has a ‘slave’ on-off switch on the other side of the room. The dimmer switch has sustained some damage from impact, and needs to be replaced.

If I get this zooZ smart dimmer, it replaces the dimmer switch - correct? And should be a simple process?
If that’s the deal, I’ll order it immediately

It goes in whichever box has the Line (hot) coming in. You could swap over the undamaged switch to the other box if necessary. One thing to note is this model is the paddle version. it doesn’t look like they have the toggle version out yet.

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I’ll be perfectly happy to swap out the damaged toggle for an intact paddle that will allow “alexa, turn the dining room to 50%”.

I’ll have to open up the switch plate… I can’t imagine the hot coming in to the non-dimming switch. But you never know.

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The toggle dimmers (ZEN24 VER. 2.0) should be out in around 3-4 weeks.

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It would be nice if the logo could be removed from the switches…not an appropriate place to be advertising, I want high tech, and good looks, a cheesy logo has no place on a light switch afaic.

I’ve also read multiple complaints about the colour being off of what the standard white is used by other brands, and it OP’s pics it’s quite evident, and disappointing. Please fix @TheSmartestHouse

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Thanks for the feedback @dtm2525! We’ll work on it :slight_smile:

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At the end of the day, if you guys want to leave your logo on there that’s your prerogative. But the colour matching isn’t up for debate!

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Can you tell us when the toggle version is out? I need a toggle for the 3-way setup for Wife Approval.

These are my two three-way switches, do I have what’s necessary for these zooz dimmers?

The toggle version of the dimmer should be out in a few weeks, the estimated release date is in the last week of October. We’ll post a link here as soon as it’s live on the website.

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It looks like the option 1 wiring diagram will work for you. Are you in Chicago or somewhere else that uses metal conduit as the ground?

There’s only three wires in the one box though…and the other box is a mess

yup. the box with only 3 wires keeps the dumb switch. the box with the mess gets the Zooz switch.

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I tried that…no idea what wires to put where from the messy box

is the white on your single switch attached to the common lug?