[OBSOLETE] Zooz RGBW Dimmer (ZEN31)

Thanks @joshua_lyon. Just sent email.

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Rookie mistake… I failed to resync after switching from DHT to Edge Driver…
You guys are awesome. Thank you very much @joshua_lyon and @Mariano_Colmenarejo


Can this controller be used with a tunable white LED strip? This would be a 3 wire strip that mixes just warm and cold white.

Hi @Typ44q
From the GetZooz website:

This device will only work with simple LED strips that don’t feature any wireless capabilities or don’t have addressable LED’s or tunable white LED’s. You can use a single color LED strip with this controller, a 3-channel RGB strip, or a 4-channel RGBW LED strip.

This beta driver is the only one available for ZEN31 now?

Looks like ST migrated this to a generic Z-Wave Switch Edge driver and its lost all of its customization settings. What is everyone else using for a driver for this?

Use the official Zooz driver

@Paul_Oliver Looking at that list and I dont see ZEN31 listed, can you clarify further which one it is?

Pretty sure there is not an official zooz one, trying out this (EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

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I don’t see it either but I would try Zooz switch. It can’t hurt anything.

I have all of their drivers installed, there is no fingerprint match for the Zen31 so none of the Zooz drivers populate as an option in ST for the Zen31.

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This was an unusual device, because it was a re-branded fibaro rather than an original Zooz design.

They discontinued it sometime ago and decided not to include it in their new official edge drivers.

I don’t know if there’s a community-created edge Driver for the fibaro equivalent or not.

Found this, don’t know if it will help. Look about half way down.

That one should work, if it doesn’t, you probably have a fingerprint variation. You’ll just need to get the fingerprint and then ask Mariano to add it to that driver. He’s on vacation right now but he said he’ll get back to adding new stuff in August.

The official Zooz drivers aren’t going to help you. They discontinued this model sometime ago and decided not to include it in their official edge drivers because it’s a re-branded fibaro anyway, not an original Zooz design. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah loaded Mariano’s and at least it showed up for the Zen31 so messing around with it now. Thanks all!

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Hi @SergL

Zen31 should work fine, when I added it some users tried it and reported that it worked the same as fibaro rgbw442.


I also was having problems with the EDGE stock driver. I’ve installed your driver, but my question is- will I need to reconfigure the “children” I had from the prior Zooz DTH driver? If so, should they work via the synch in ST lighting?

Hi @homeagain

This driver cannot create child devices, it is handled with the components from the details view or by selecting a multiple tile in preferences.

DTH child devices will not work with edge and you must remove them.

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it looks like my children came over as edge drivers- but most of it doesn’t work right. Do I basically just start over with your new driver?

I have several Zen31 devices and using Mariano’s driver, Zwave bulb mc, and it’s working fine. Use the multiple tile as suggested.


Thanks for writing this and the advice. My dimmers are only 1-2 years old, so was surprised that ZOOZ did not support it. The reconfiguration is complete and hoping it all triggers correctly tonight!