How to connect Tuya Zigbee Control Smart Blinds to Smartthings?

Recently purchased " Solar Powered Zigbee Control Smart Blinds Drive Motor Tuya Motorized Chain Roller Control Shade Shutter Drive Motor Replacement" Solar Powered Zigbee Control Smart Blinds Drive Motor Tuya Motorized Chain Roller Control Shade Shutter Drive Motor Replacement|Automatic Curtain Control System| - AliExpress

Box suggests it’s also called “AM43 blind drive”.

Naively I assumed as ST has Zigbee, it would work as a controller for this Zigbee device - but it appears not.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to have my existing ST Hub connect to the Zigbee AM43 motor WITHOUT having to buy another Zigbee Gateway?

If it’s not possible without, which of the many Zigbee Gateway is the right one to get?

And finally… if I get a separate Zigbee Gateway can THAT be integrated to ST? Is there any benefit of doing so?

Not directly. The Zigbee profiles that smartthings uses allow for only one zigbee coordinator per net work, and that will be your smartthings hub. So if you are using something that also has a zigbee Hub, the integration has to be cloud to cloud, or at the account level, or in a few cases, like the Phillips hue bridge, through a planned integration provided by the manufacturer.

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This explains more about zigbee differences:

FAQ: Zigbee Application Profiles, or why not all zigbee devices work with SmartThings

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Try the following thread, it seems like there are a number of different DTH is for different versions of the Tuya motor. One might work with yours, but it may require some trial and error. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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I got the same one. Put it in pairing mode mode. installed zemismart DH. Boom


Nice one - thank you!
In case others come here for the same solution, the steps I completed were…

  • In ST IDE created a new Device Handler (DH) using code from Zigbee Handler Download
    **I used “Zigbee Roller Shade by tuya / alexa / Google home”
  • Publish the DH “For Me”
  • Use the Simulator to create the device (default name = “Thing”)
  • Go to Device List and confirm “Thing” added with Type = ZemiSmart Vertical Blind

My Alex App then pinged to notify of the addition of a new device. After setting up the blind motor open/closed positions, tested via Alexa App and Smartspeaker (voice) - all working lovely!


I buy and use slot of tuya zigbee devices and then find the DH that works the best lol

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@gcor71 not a device handler comment but I have a few questions regarding operation of the blinds motor. Are you using it with venetian blinds? If so, does it open & close the slats as well as up and down?

@ny_robert I have it attached to a roman blind which was on a continuous loop chain.
The AM43 Tuya model I have has a PHYSICAL mechanism for open/close of Venetian type blinds slats I believe.
If you short-press the up/down physical buttons it does a slow speed and short run - I estimate enough to open/close the slats. A long-press on the physical buttons has it lift/drop the blind with a long run of the motor.
I can’t see whether the DH is allowing this open/close short-press operation (not had a chance to play either).

In my ST APP there are 3 “Window Shade” settings cogs and one “Close” icon. I will admit to being unclear what they do…. BUT, I think the Opening/Closing cogs may relate to the slats.

All in all - I’m pretty impressed with both the motor and the DH integration to ST without having to get an additional Zigbee gateway.

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Ok cool. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it

How can it (AM43) be put in pairing mode? Thanks

Pairing mode activated by pressing together Up + Setup button

Instructions show:

Press setting button and down button at the same time for 3s [to] get into pairing mode

Also, in case useful - Restore Factory Setting

  1. Hit setting button for 3s, motor gets into programming mode
  2. Indicator turns red
  3. Hit the setting button for 7s
  4. Blue indicator flashes quickly 3 times
  5. Now motor restores to factory setting

so this is embarrassing, but my device was playing up and i deleted it from ST. I also cant find the instructions on what i need to do to get itnto pairing mode. Do you have those instructions or you could tell me how to get into pairing mode. I have looked everywhere and online lol

In case anyone purchased the “am43” blind driver from Aliexpress and needs further assistance getting it work. The model I bought didn’t have the physical pause button, just up and down so pairing and device handler are a bit different than what has been posted earlier here as the solution.

  1. Before you pair the device, make sure you have set the upper and lower shade limits.
  2. Create a device hander from the Zemismart DH download page - I used Zigbee Zemismrt Blind Driver for SmartThings
  3. The button mappings for the DH was not correct for the am43 shade I had. The close button would open the shade; the pause button would close it, etc. this also threw off the status in Smartthings. These are the changes I made:
    a. the close cmdVal should change from 2 → 1
    b. the open cmdVal should change from 0 → 2
    c. the pause value should change from 01 → 00
    These changes also need to be made in the “case 0x01” statement.
  4. Pair it. The pairing procedure for my version of this shade was “set” + “down”.
  5. Smartthings will now find it, but you have to go into the IDE right afterwards and assign the device handler to “Tuya Window Shade” otherwise you can’t do anything with it.
    Again, this may not reflect the models that have the physical pause button. Mine looked very similar to the OP’s link that started this thread.