Zemismart Blinds Zigbee RF Dongle ZM_AM02

Looking for a DTH that works for the Zigbee RF Dongle. The device is found via scan for new devices but unable to find a working DTH.

Can you post a link to the device? I don’t see a reason why you would need a zigbee dongle if you’re using a smartthings hub.

The dongle is part of the device package. It’s pretty common in motorized window coverings because it lets the manufacturer provide different dongles to integrate with different automation systems.

Zemismart’s motorized window coverings are, I believe, mostly made by Tuya, and have two different zigbee dongles that might be included.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion in the forum over the last two years that one of the Zemismart window covering dongles can be made to work with smartthings and so far the other hasn’t, probably because of tuya-specific code.

See the following thread for discussion of the various different models and issues therewith.

[RELEASE] Zemismart(Tuya) zigbee Blind Motor

I got it partially working with the iquix Tuya Window Shade Device Handler. Will keep testing…

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Interesting. Why not just use the models that have zigbee built into them so you don’t need a dongle?

Wasn’t available for my size AM15 motor at the time. Definitely would pursue that moving forward if/when


Any update on finding a DTH that works for that dongle?

Using the ZemiSmart Zigbee Blind DTH. It works 80% of the time. Haven’t had the time to troubleshoot.