Linking Zemismart zigbee blind motors to Smartthings

Hi all
Im pretty new to Smarththings and also Zemismart devices.
I have the following 2 blind motors, one includes a zigbee hub but both are zigbee controlled.

I have added the device handler to Smartthings IDE, but cannot work out how to connect either of them :frowning:

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Hi Tony,

I’m sorry that I can’t help but I’m hoping by adding a reply to your thread it helps push it to the top of the forum, as I’d like to buy some of these blind motors in the future and am hoping someone can shed some light on how to add them successfully to smartthings.

If you figure it out could you please let me know.


I got this to work with smartthings. Did you set the limits before you paired it?

@Shimmyuk @Gtwizzy Hi both, have you managed to get your blinds connected to Smartthings yet? i have just received a ZigBee version and having no luck, hoping you may be able to share some pointers. thanks.