[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!)

That status is OFFLINE, which may explain why it’s not reporting anything. It looks like it’s not even using the new DH yet.

Try re-pairing it?

Oops, sorry, that was right after I set it up with the new DH. And I did notice, so I uninstalled it and re-paired it, but now I only get the checkinterval again

Yeah, something is definitely not right. I’d guess low battery or possibly weak ZigBee mesh network connection?

By the way, how do you have all of those extra detailed Device Event log entries for your devices? I never see any entries with information in the Type column, and I don’t have the Event Type Filter options like you do. Is that a setting somewhere?

I don’t know how I can have a weak Zigbee network as I’m pairing up the device about 5 feet from the hub and all other devices are reporting in just fine. This event log is just from the IDE for that device (see the blue “List Events” in my previous post).

I’ll try and get a new battery tomorrow and give another try, otherwise I’m gonna just call this one a loss.

Thanks again for your effort!

The DH is working now (notice it now shows battery at 93%!), but still no Dry/Wet status


I’ve got a problem pairing a Xiaomi Outlet (https://www.gearbest.com/living-appliances/pp_344666.html).
There is no real reset buton on the device, only the on/off button.
Pressed that button 100 times in different ways, but i never get to see the catchall.
The thing i see in de IDE is this:
Only some strange ssdpTerm info.
Can i connect the outlet with the info given after “devicetype:04”?
Tried to use the device address and 3d05 as the Device Network ID, but that doesn’t work.

Paired a couple of Xiamoi devices now to Smartthings, but this thing is a real pain in the ass!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please could you tell me where is the hub log? Where should I go in the IDE?

Hi Guys,
In Australia, Have a ST v2, z-wave disabled, and have it working with 2 of the original xiaomi temp/humidity sensors
Under Groovy IDE, these are shown as ONLINE/CLOUD and I get readings on the phone on the ST app

Now, I bought a couple of the xiaomi outlets. I can add them in, change the Dh to the latest by spranger.
They show up on Groovy IDE as ACTIVE/CLOUD, but when I touch their button on the ST App, i get a message “Cant connect to Device. Check device & try again”
On groovy IDE, I can check the log, and it shows status, and will show each time I manually press the on/off button on the device.

So, my ST hardawre is communicating to the device (or at least getting updates from it) but the app on phone SGS 8+ isnt.

My ST account is set up in Stockton USA, and I have set same location on the App.

Any ideas appreciated

Hi Roelof,

Did you find a solution? I’m having the same issue.


Hello Richard,

No did not find a solution, bought a new plug.
Use the xiaomi plug now a dust collecter.


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same for me… not working… There is imposible to get the blue light.!
is weird because all the other xiaomi products works great!!

Same problem here, the light never blinks blue (only red), and other postings also make me suspect that we all have the WiFi version of the plug. Probably not a very smart seller.

Sure looks like mine.

My understanding is Gearbest is an authorized Xiaomi reseller, so I’m sure they sent you the right plug if you ordered from them. If you scroll down on that link you posted, right at the top of the “Description” tab, it says…

“Original Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket APP Remote Control Timer Power Plug Power Detection - ZigBee Version”

My bad, I didn’t explain well. That link is not what I ordered, but it’s what my plug looks like. I ordered from LightInTheBox.com and the description said “ZigBee version”.

Look at the back of the plug to check model number:

WiFi plug - ZNCZ02CM
ZigBee plug - ZNCZ02LM

In fact, I can see the word “ZigBee” in a photo showing the back of the plug also:

Here’s the box for the WiFi version, showing model and also “Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz”. I’d expect to see “Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz” on the back of the plug, as well:


thanks for posting a detailed explanation and your really nice IDE for outlet. Its a great help! :slight_smile: Is there anyway you can add energy monitor functionality to the outlet plugs?

Obviously im not an expert in this area, but thats a very useful functionality especially for the outlet plugs.


Does the Xiaomi Socket works as an energy meter?


I would also like to know if it is possible to add this functionality.

Thanx… this really helped, mine unfortunately the wifi version… but is there any chances to connect the wifi version to the ST??

Here is the only solution for that:

Note that it requires a Xiaomi gateway hub, and a Raspbery Pi or Synology NAS acting as a server to help connect between the Xioami and ST hubs.

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