[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Zigbee Socket DTH(with Power, Energy meter)

This DTH is available for the sockets shown below. It is not perfect yet.

This DTH works well both SmartThings Classic App and SmartThings New App.

[Xiaomi Curtain DTH GitHub Repository Integration - Owner : shin4299 / Name : XiaomiSJ ]

Code Link

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Working! Great.

Everything working great. Only one problem, temp sensor is shown in Smartthings tiles but cannot be added as temperature sensor in Webcore. Energy meter is working fine in both.

Edit: I was able to add temperature in webcore too by adding [DeviceName:temp] but has to be refreshed manually to update

is there anyway to set the default state in case of power outage? I want to delay certain device from turning on too quickly after a power outage.

Any chance to add support to the new Xiaomi ZNCZ04LM - Xiaomi Mijia EU Smart Socket Zigbee

Which have better connectivity to EU sockets than the Chianese version .

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I used this handler with Xiaomi ZNCZ04LM and working great, but power meter isn’t work.

You can see also the power . Use this:

Thanks. I know about this handler, but it don’t show kW per hour (kWh).