[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!)

I successfully added the xiaomi outlet to my set of devices. But when i try to turn it on via the smartthings app, it will not turn on. And if I manually press the on/off button the xiaomi zigbee outlet, it turns on but blinks red. Pls advise. Thank you

Has anybody seen this, it also displays temperature, power and energy. I am using it successfully on two zigbee sockets. Though the temperature and power refresh rate is sought of buggy and sometimes have to be manually refreshed.

I want to delay certain device from turning on too quickly after a power outage. Is there anyway to set the default state in case of power outage?

I’m using those outlets mainly as zigbee repeaters for xiaomi sensors. It apears like it to stay On to act as repeater.
Is there a way to keep those outlets on , even after a electic failure (there is an option of doing so by the xiaomi gateway but you cant use this gateway and ST hub together).
I’d be glad if someone could as this feature to tha device handler of this outlet.
thanks a lot