[OBSOLETE] TaHoma® by Somfy

Unfortunately that is for the MyLink only.
Installing your integration on Hubitat fails on the setup because you can’t select the blinds, although the logs show they are listed correctly.
It’s a shame you don’t own a hubitat hub.
I believe it could be fixed by adjusting some of the methods using without anything major.
I tried it myself, but without success.

Hello, as of today 31 January, I seem to be having an issue with this SmartApp, which has been running very smoothly. Right now I am not able to control any shutters, in the IDE I get the following errors on any device:

error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 118 (open)
error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 82 (close)

Also in the SmartApp after tapping “next” on the first page (username/password) I am presented just with a blank screen. If I tap “next” I get the “we’re having trouble connecting” message.

I’ve re-entered my password, short of deleting and removing (I have 16 shutters and many automation I don’t want to lose), I’m not quite sure where to go. I can still control the shutters with Google Home/Assistant so at least it isn’t a Tahoma connection box issue.

It’s not an issue with the smart app nor the driver. looks like www.tahomalink.com certificate expired yesterday Jan 30th 2022 and they forgot/didn’t renew it.

Not sure if they are phasing out this tool or they just forgot to renew the certificate.

Ah OK that explains things. I sure hope they fix it :frowning: this is the only integration with SmartThings that works solidly for Tahoma, at least in my experience. But with the eventual end of Groovy, I am probably going to be forced to look around.

Update: I found this thread. It appears Somfy is aware and working on it.

They just renewed the certificate. Just re-login in smartthings app and back in action.

I use a drive for a Somfy 800 IO garage door, I would like to connect it to the Smartthings hub, tell me what I need to do this?

I’m using a Somfy Tahoma box: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DQ6P0YK/

I would like to avoid the use of consecutive gates to connect and limit myself to min. I found such a device supported by Smartthing but it works on WIFI and I’m looking for something on Zigbee.

Are you sure this controller supports Zigbee? Check before you buy anything. You may find a Somfy IO to Zigbee adapter if you don’t want an IO hub. I know Z-Wave adapters exist, i.e. Z-Wave Integration for Blinds, Shades, Awnings and More

Hello there!
I got myself outdoor blinds with somfy IO motors and TaHoma Switch to hopefully connect it to my Smartthings network. After following the @jbtibor installation guide I got stuck on last step: * In mobile app open Marketplace → SmartApps → My Apps, tap TaHoma® by Somfy and follow instructions.
I get that it’s the Smartthings Classic app which I found even the APK, but I can’t log into it and the new Smartthings app doesn’t support TaHoma by Somfy.
Anyone of help please?

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I bought this module:
and it works cool, I just need to add a gate opening / closing sensor, there are also those with sensors but for WIFI and I was looking for zigbee.

As I recall, the Somfy-ST integration works but only in US, is there any way to trick Tahoma so I can use the North America app and ultimately control through ST?

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Replying for update, does anyone have any idea how I can login to tahomalink.com to at least see what’s happening?
Is it a problem that I have TaHoma Switch and not the older big TaHoma?
Why people at Somfy don’t know anything and why there is no real support in EU with Somfy being from FRA?:frowning:

With Groovy being shut down all smartapps including this app. Anybody knows how I can have my Tahoma blinds works with the new smartthings integration ?

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I dived into the API which is locally accessible on Tahoma… it’s not super complicated but takes some time. Then I used the driver in this thread to make the GET requests for “up”, “down”, “pause”. Next I made a virtual device for each shutter using this virtual device creator (used the “window shade” device type).

The API documentation and how to activate it are here.

Another option, that I discovered later is to use Home Assistant, which can be installed on a local machine, and some NAS devices actually have it included (Synology, Amber, etc). I ended up getting an Amber and realized it came with Home Assistant after I did all the work, but with Home Assistant it has a built-in integration that works great.

So either you’ll spend some time creating quasi virtual blinds, with tedious REST API commands (not so hard just takes time), or spend about $250 on a NAS with Home Assistant built-in… or end up doing what I did and do both by accident :rofl: but I’m happy with it all, much better than the old DTH.

Far too complex for me Im afraid, I got into smartthings because It was easier to use than other platforms. Do you think there is any chance that we Will get tahoma back integranted into the new smartthings thing?

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I am still waiting for Somfy to do anything new or even reply. Also Matter is still not popping up, maybe that will propell things forward?

If and when the IFTTT integration starts working again you can create scenarios in Tahoma (i.e. blind up, blind down) and use them in SmartThings triggers.
ST doesn’t seem to rush with IFTTT so don’t have high hopes.

Right now Im kind of doing that with routines in Google home. It kind of works but its not nearly as handy as It was before