Somfy Tahoma Switch integration to ST

Hello there!

I installed outdoor Venetian blinds in my new home in Czechia (EU), using Somfy IO motors and connecting it to Tahoma Switch hub. The main problem I have with the integration and solutions found here is that IO motors aren’t the same in US (that radio is used by police I think) and the TaHoma Switch is quite new so no handlers are made now (only for older TaHoma and Connexoon, which have been working with now discontinued SmartThings Classic app).
When talking to Somfy technician, he suggested plugging a USB ZWave stick to the Switch to make it ZWave hub and connect to it, but I don’t know if it would work also in the opposite direction, i.e. connecting Switch to ST hub (Aeotec v3) and through that all the blinds.
I’m certain there are many people looking for a solution as Covid made everyone invest in their homes rather than traveling and I don’t think it is impossible to make it work for French company in EU.

Thoughts? Prayers?:slight_smile:

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Hi, yes I would also like to be able to connect our blinders to our SmartThings hub… If someone knows how to get to it, please share. One would think there is quite a few ppl with this issue. (Sorry for not contributing to any solution :smiley: )

I connect to the topic. I’m curious what is the problem to make the integration work in EU countries

Replying just to keep it active.

You should contact Somfy and request they create an integration with SmartThings. Somfy would be the owner and maintain the integration to ST. You never know… the more who put in a request may prompt them to build the integration. :slight_smile:

I try that every couple months, but it’s only cost to them…

Same problem here. I think the only solution is getting an other hub like homey.