[OBSOLETE] TaHoma® by Somfy

This is a SmartApp to connect to a TaHoma® by Somfy system.
It can only control roller shutters because I don’t have other TaHoma® devices to test with.
Note this isn’t using the ZRTS Z-Wave link but the TaHoma® box and requires a tahomalink.com account.

It is a limitation of the RTS roller shutters that position is not reported therefore the position in SmartApp will not be in sync with actual roller shutter position if shutter is operated from remote control.


Has anyone got normal roller blinds working with the Tahoma box?

What do you mean by normal roller blinds? The Tahoma box can control both RTS and IO motors. I have RTS.

I updated the SmartApp and DeviceType, please update your installation too.
The old versions will stop working on 6 October 2017.

To be honest I want to get them working with my Echo, I have it working on the Somfy box but could alter your code successful to get them working on the roller blinds

I added switch capability to the device type so that can be added to routines and controlled by SmartThings IFTTT channel. SmartThings switches can be linked to Alexa through IFTTT, this way the shutters can be voice controlled.

Does this work with IO-homecontrol Velux roller blinds too?

In theory yes, however I don’t have IO blinds and the API I’m using is an unofficial API so I can’t tell for sure.

This currently doesn’t work with IO devices. The check to list all RollerShutters is specifically done for RTS devices (see here). I have quickly changed this line in my smartapp, but some functions specific to IO remain unusable (e.g. set the RollerShutter to a specific level in percent, retrieve the current position of the roller shutter…).

I added support for Somfy INDOOR PLUG ON OFF RTS - G TYPE.
Have fun controlling the Christmas lights.

If you or someone else grants me temporary access to the IO device I will update the Smart App.

I’m having some setup issues. When I’m configuring the Smart app I type my username and password and hit next. The authentication works and i get presented with the next screen where I choose the appropriate devices. Under “Interior Roller Blinds” I see my device and tick the box and return. When I click Next to move on I get a banner at the top that says

“Oops, looks like you need to double-check some inputs”

Any thoughts? I can’t move on from this point.

After selecting the devices you should have a Save button. Is this what you get and tap?

I found what the problem is, the app now requires to select at least one of each device type. Fix is on the way.

I updated the smart app, update the code, publish and try again.

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Excellent Tibor. I see it now only displays the device groups for which there are devices, and, I could select and Save and now have a blind showing up in My Home. I faked creating a blind with the Tahoma to get the technology chain up and running, but now going to have to sit it out for a few weeks waiting on 10 blinds (2 groups).

Many thanks for your help Tibor

You are welcome, thanks for confirming the fix is working.

How do you plan to use the SmartThings integration? I have two usages:

  1. Close the blinds when one of my illuminance sensors detects dark.
  2. Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

I have the morning opening set up in Tahoma.

Having experienced a burglary a few years back, I’m a little obsessed with home security. So, to answer that conundrum of curtains/blinds closed or open when going away on holiday, I intend to have SmartThings closing the blinds sometime after sunset and opening in the mornings… I’m also well invested into Alexa so that’s also important (and… makes the wife-interface to home automation so much easier). I have no plans to add any other device types to Tahoma (other than RTS blinds).

I’ll keep everyone posted on experiences when the blinds arrive.

Just had the blinds installed. I know… long time. So tonight was the first time in attempting to get SmartThings to talk to them. There’s an error. It seems authorization/discovery goes well, then the log shows an exception;

93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: error java.lang.SecurityException: Creating new class groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException is not allowed @line 158 (doCall)
93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: debug SA 1.2.20180131: initialize: interiorRollerBlinds:
93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: debug SA 1.2.20180131: setDefaultValues: atomicState:
93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: debug SA 1.2.20180131: updateDevices(): rollerShutters [:]
93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: debug SA 1.2.20180131: updateDevices(): switches [:]
93421220-f3ec-46aa-81e7-feddd273a8c2 19:33:29: debug SA 1.2.20180131: updateDevices(): resp.data

Any thoughts?

I’ll have a look towards the end of the week.

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